AUGUST 30th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

For those who are not aware of REIGN OF LIES, here is a clip of their recent 2013 tour -

Their new album "THE NEW EMPIRE" IS AVAILABLE NOW!! Get your copy at It’s also available at itunes, Rhapsody, CD baby & Amazon.

You will find all songs are written by Gianni, lyrics by Gianni and Loyse. In fact Gianni has his hand on a lot of work for their album, including recording and producing. there is  some participation by Nick Azinas on “The New Empire”, “Govfather“, “Apache“, and “Pay Day”. The art and design is by Aoyse Rosati. The album "The New Empire" is mixed by Lee Wanner and mastered by Jens Bogren from "Fascination Street Studio" ( Soilwork, Opeth, Amon Amarth...). I am going to start by just giving a little history of the band, so you get a feel for them and their music.

In the summer of 2012 the band began to record their debut album “The New Empire” which was released in June of this year under the label Keetch Music. Reign of Lies is also endorsed by universally renowned clothing company “Keetch” (who also endorses Meshuggah, Unearth, PDP, Fear Factory and more).

Gianni Rosati – vocals/lead guitar
Mash Maximus – guitars
Greg Kate - bass
Yoyo Bianchi - drums

Hometown - Los Angeles, Calif

Genre - Groove, Metal

After recording and touring across Europe, Gianni choose to move to Los Angelos, Calif and begin “Reign of Lies”. A vision of finding musicians with the same dedication and compassion as himself. He attended the influential Musicians Institute in Hollywood, where he found just that in Greg Kate, a talented bassist who previous had played in many LA bands.  Yoyo Bianchi,  who is originally from Santiago, Chile moved to LA in 2008 after touring South America, he always played with some local bands, and without a doubt found the flawless fit for his drumming style in Reign of Lies. Mashadi Maximus(also known as Mash) is a Canadian guitar shredder, recording and touring with various bands through South Asia, North/Central America, after moving to Hollywood, playing with many bands, doing some session work he met Gianni. Leading Mash to join REIGN OF LIES. 
 Reign of Lies is ready to bring their individual style and presence to fans across the globe, and they are making themselves known among metals elite with “The New Empire”.

Track Listing -
 1. The New Empire
 2. Dead Man Walking
 3. Pay Day
 4. The Awakening
 5. DMT
 6. Apache
 7. White Noise
 8. The Queen
 9. I Am the 619
10. The Govfather
11. Cannibal
12. Egosystem
13. All Is Fake

So lets get to it, it seems like they have taken some of their innermost ire and put some groove into their style,  bringing forth some music that will breath new life to todays style. Make no mistake, right from the beginning your hooked, it’s amazing that they have put this all together and nailed it to perfection. I was addicted right from the start. From the guitar riffs, to the drum blast, obviously they have done the work to make it what it is. The vocals fit completely, brutal but not too harsh, you can still hear the words sung, so if you listen, you will be singing along with him. The bass is light, but you know that when you are listening that it is there. I am really impressed with this album. It will be something that I enjoy for a long time. Really, I can not do this album the justice it deserves, I don’t have enough of the vocabulary to express my thoughts. I just know that this will kick your ass. I kept expecting to get tired of it, or to have the same sounds/riffs throughout the album, I was wrong. Let me just tell you that “The New Empire” is an album that is a must have. It’s out now, so don’t wait, pick it up and have a CD that you will have plugged in most of the time. This album is definitely an 8 out of 10 in my books.