JUNE 9th 2018

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Well, The Invisible Orange and The Rickshaw Theatre brought another great show to Vancouver. I haven't missed Hammerfall whenever they come to town, and this time around was no different. However,  I was getting to review a band for the first time, "Flotsam & Jetsam". Always look forward to a new band, it doesn’t happen that much anymore reviewing new bands. So, let's get on with it.

First up tonight is a band out of Chilliwack called MEDEVIL. If you haven't heard of them before, and you missed them because they started sooner than originally stated, they are a heavy metal band with fast paced sound. They have only been around since 2014, but are slowly making a name for themselves. Listen closely and you can hear who their influences might be, like Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Metal Church. They put on a good show, the crowd seemed to really like them too, there was even a small mosh pit. Good openers to start the night off.

Next is HELLCHAMBER, you know these guys, they are openers for a lot of shows, like their last one I attended, Point Blank with Soulfly in March. They established themselves back in 2011, and had some changes and a short hiatus in 2015, but came back in 2016 with new vocalist and have been making a name for themselves ever since. They did a great job on stage, they did an even better job up there than when they played Marchs show. So, keep your eyes open, don't miss them, and watch them grow.

Up next, is a first for me, and I did not expect to like them, I had listened to a song or two on youtube, but nah, but holy geez, they were amazing .. who you ask, it was FLOTSAM & JETSAM. I know, they have been around for ages, but never had the opportunity to cover a show with them on it. The genre they are under is thrash metal, well, you can call them anything you want, these guys nailed their set. I stood up front and had a silly grin on my face the whole time. I really enjoyed their sound, and it looks like I will be buying their new album about to be released in November by AFM Records called "The End of Chaos". There was not a song they played I didn't like, or went hhmpf, pass on that one. I was tapping the rail I held onto, I was moving, something that doesn't happen often. I even managed to stand up front their whole set. I couldn't tell you the songs they played, but I knew that some were great favourites by the crowds’ reactions. I just wish I had realized how good they were before this. Don't you make that mistake, these guys are pure entertainment, talented and give 100% to the crowd. Check the tour dates listed below to make sure you see them on this tour.

Okay, next, you just know that this is who everyone came for tonight. The floor filled, and the front rail got really crowded, and I held on for dear life, no way was I getting shoved aside for HAMMERFALL. Needless to say, when these Swedish boys hit the stage, they knew from the roar of the crowd that Vancouver was thrilled. Great to see such perfection, and energy, non-stop. You can’t help getting caught up in all that, it’s catchy along with their songs, that most of us were singing along with. True power metal. Any Means Necessary, Riders of the Storm, Last Man Standing, and you have the crowd hooked for the night, well at least me. But the crowd was a good one tonight, they listened, they raised those horns, and it was just all pure enjoyment. What can you say, it just wasn’t a long enough set, they could probably do a night with Hammerfall, and still not have enough time. That is what happens when you have such a catalogue of songs that are phenomenal, we want more. Hammerfall gave us all a night to remember, such talent, great performance from each one of the guys, you can’t take your eyes off them. For me, I love being right up front on the rail to watch and, see how much the bands love doing what they do, but being at the back of the venue, gives you much more, like a great view of all the members, and the sound is way better, so I finished off the night up at the back. Very powerful set including the encore. Don’t forget Hammerfall have a new album coming out via Napalm Records called “Built To Last”.

Remaining Tour Dates:
Jun 11 - Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater
Jun 13 - San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel
Jun 14 - West Hollywood, CA @ Whisky A Go Go
Jun 15 - Anaheim, CA @ The Grove
Jun 16 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theater
Jun 18 - Dallas, TX @ Trees
Jun 19 - San Antonio, TX @ Scout Bar