May 14th 2012
Review and Photos By: Peter Ruttan

From the moment the rapid Tacoma Fans enter the arena to see a Rammstein torchlight parade from the back as they walked slowly over a specially constructed bride over the audience for a tension building ten minutes, you know you are in for something very special.

Rammstein are one of the biggest bands in Europe, selling out arenas across the continent with almost zero radio play and virtually no mainstream press. There are here in North America touring to promote their new best-of compilation, Made in Germany 1995-2011, as tonite they filled the packed-out venue with walls of sound and columns of fuel and flame.

Frontman Till Lindemann, whose excellent vocals are a real key to the bands sound. All songs being delivered in German and with little to no in-song chat, added to the feel of the night from his rolling ‘rrrrs’ crooning to rock grunt- stalks the stage dressed as a blood stained mad butcher.

They fire rockets from their headgear, blow fire into the audience and never drop a beat! Fans in the first 1-20 rows must have felt pyro like they’ve never seen before shot forth throughout the show blasting intense heat which left many faces short of an eyebrow or two.


Highlights for me included keyboardist Flake Lorenz paddling across the crowd in a small dingy, lead singer Till Lindemann “cooking” Flake (with very real fire) in a giant pot. The illuminated angel wings sung during Engel, the flame throwing face masks (WOW), the sparks and fireworks plus the thousands at Tacoma Dome singing Ich Will & Du Hast in unison. Part of the show was conducted in the middle of the arena on a smaller raised stage which the band crawled to, whilst chained, whipped and led like dirty dogs. Everything about this show, the fire and light and the music, all seemed to be turned up one louder.

The closer Pussy astride a giant phallus (think Peter Sellers in Dr Strangelove), spraying "white stuff" into the crowd. A spectacle that was as wonderfully silly as it’s like watching the darkest sci-fi film come to life and is currently one of the best live shows in the world!