SEPTEMBER 14th 2014

Review by YouFO

Who makes up this band, and where do they hail from, well according to their facebook page it is -  (L-R) Sethro, KG, Booze, now that’s interesting, and hometown is the place where Voodoo doughnuts also calls home, Portland Oregon.

Also on their facebook page, “Our the problem is your the problem”, kind of harsh, I might be the problem because I am reviewing your CD. I was passed this because the other reviewer didn’t want to do this one, she is not a big thrash fan. So here I am.

There are only 6 tracks to listen to here, and it happens to be the 3rd release from this thrash infested band. It will be released this summer by Lamb Unlimited which was hatched by Chris Spencer of Unsane / Alan Schneider of No More Records.

If you have not heard of Rabbits, then let me just say, have you heard of  Melvins, Karp, Jesus Lizard, Dows, Flipper, Butthole Surfers, then you can pretty well guess what this more or less sounds like.

This band has been around apparently since 2003, yet I haven’t heard of them. But I am open to new. It’s really hard to put my finger on just what genre they are, there is thrash for sure, sludge, rock, metal, how do you nail that into just one. And really who cares, either you like it or you don’t.

30 minutes with 6 tracks -
1. Ever Mind
2. Pack Up Your Shit
3. So Fake It’s Real
4. Reek and Ye Shall Find
5. An Odd Coloration
6. Like You A Lot

This was tracked live to tape at Type Foundry in Portland in 1 day, mixed in 2. Is that a good thing, you judge. The cover work was hand sewn by Anne Mersereau, and photographed by James Rexroad. Engineering was tackled by Jeremy Romagna and Fester, mastered by Ryan Foster.
Okay, maybe there are some wicked upheaval, inebriated hallucinations here, in other words full blown grating noise and with a brutal attack on your senses. If you are a thrash fan, you understand that all that is a good thing.

So do I like this new release by Rabbits “Untoward”, I can’t make up my mind, if I am in that brutal thrash mood, hell yeah, but if I am not, well then I would put it aside. But truth be told, for such a short working time on this album, it’s not bad. But you can decide whether you like it or not. That’s what it’s all about anyway, you decision, what you like.