APRIL 17th, 2014

Review By: Metal Mom

Doug Moore - Vocals
Dylan DiLella - Guitars
Erik Malave - Bass
Alex Cohen - Drums

PYRRHON (pronounced “peer-on”), spent many an hour in a space somewhere working and sweating on what is now being released to the world, “The Mother of Virtues”. This technical death metal band out of New York is about to release a 9 track epic listening adventure for all to hear. Since forming back in 2008, where they met on a subway platform, they have been horning their skills. For me, this is a new band to review, so I have a fresh look at what’s to be released, which is being released on CD, LP and digitally in North America by Relapse Records on April 1st, in Germany/Finland/Benelux on March 28th, and then the UK and the rest of the world on March 31st.

Pyrrhon’s newest release was tracked and mixed by Ryan Jones (Today is the Day/Mutilation Rites/Wetnurse), mastering duties fell to Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice). Most of the album is done live, most of the quieter moments/solo breaks are partially or entirely improvised says vocalist Doug Moore.

Let’s just say it’s more of a voyage, one that takes you into the deepest crevices of musical spontaneity. I give them credit for having the ability to shift from doom to frenzied in mere seconds, leaving you with not knowing what’s coming next. That in itself is a great skill. You never know what you are going to hear next, it’s almost an out of this world experience, where you get death, jazz, and you are pretty psyched to hear what’s coming up. I think that laying the album out this way is really what makes it all come together, some nauseating guitar leads, pounding riffs, and the drumming is insane, with the final touches put on with the expelling, tormenting vocals.

The Mother Of Virtues Track Listing:
1 The Oracle of Nassau
2. White Flag
3. Sleeper Agent
4. Balkanized
5. Eternity in a Breath
6. Implant Fever
7. Invisible Injury
8. The Parasite in Winter
9. The Mother of Virtues

Definitely worth a listen, but don’t take my word for it, check them out.