MARCH 5th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom


Not familiar with PSYCROPTIC, they have just released their 5th studio album called “The Inherited Repression” in February. Let me tell you a little about this band from Hobart, Tasmania. They formed back in 1999, immediately setting out to create their own style of darkened death metal. Consisting originally of Cameron Grant (bass), Joe Haley (guitars), Matthew Chalk (vocals) and David Haley (drums), forming after their previous bands disbanded. They went on to deliberately carve a niche of their own within today's overcrowded metal scene. Staying clear of trends, PSYCROPTIC blends many elements, extreme and otherwise to capture what is uniquely their own sound, a precise blend of brutality, intensity and groove. They have also toured the world including North America, Europe , the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China and as far east as Inner Mongolia .

Today you will find PSYCROPTIC consists of members, Jason Peppiat (vocals), Dave Haley (drums), Joe Haley (guitar) and Cameron Grant (bass). Joe Haley their guitarist is the one who recorded the bands latest album, which consists of 9 solid tracks:

1 - Carriers of the Plague
2 - Forward to Submission
3 - Euphorinasia
4 - The Throne of Kings
5 - Unmasking the Traitors
6 - Become the Cult
7 - From Scribe to Ashes
8 - Deprivation
9 - The Sleepers Have Awoken

So lets get at it shall we, review of The Inherited Repression. When I first gave it a listen, I realized that its different from what they had previously done in regards to the writing and structure process. I mean it was a long time from their last release to this one, 4 years? But the time was well spent, it was to make sure of the writing and demoing before they put it down on CD, and I think that its pretty obvious as you listen. They have made the fast elements faster, and the slow ones, you guessed it, slower, with a lot of light/dark connecting it all together. Yes, its an album that’s catchy, but that just means you can band your head, hold your horns high, tap your fingers, whatever it is you do when you enjoy the music. Its all groove, extreme metal realm from start to finish, a true brutal modern powerhouse. I really enjoyed this CD, the only thing that I would liked to have heard on here is a deeper darker vocal, but that’s my opinion, I think the deeper vocals on this would have made it much more darker. PSYCROPTIC fans will appreciate their latest endeavor. 2012 will see PSYCROPTIC embark on a multiple North American Hemisphere tour and some in uncharted waters. Don’t deprive yourself of this CD. Its one to be enjoyed to the fullest.