JULY 26th,2011


Review by: Metal Mom

There is a saying in Ireland “Aw, that's the tune the old cow died of”, meaning very bad music. That’s not what you will find on the newest release of Primordial’s “Redemption at the Puritans Hand” . This is their 7th CD after a 4 year hiatus. Back in 1987 they took up the arms in the name of Metal, in fact they have become known as the Irish Pagan Metal Masters.

These Masters consist of - A.A. Nemtheanga (vocals), Ciaran MacUiliam (guitar), Michael O’Fallon (guitar), Pol MacAmlaigh ( bass ), and on drums we have Simon O’Laoghaire. A.A. Nemtheanga states “As we get older our relationship to our lives changes, the realization you will not live forever, the grand plan you hoped to uncover never materializes, food for worms, and nothing more.”

PRIMORDIAL by definition in the dictionary means constituting a new beginning, and maybe that is exactly what this new CD is all about after their absence. The theme for this album deals with mortality, plain and simple - its death. But you can hear the passion , the intensity and commitment these fellows have put into their music.

The first song on this album brings the image of a marching army across rolling hills with low lying fog, then there is no doubt about who you are listening to. This CD has some fast guitar riffs, with famous melodic wails on the guitar, and the savage drum work is dynamic to say the least. The vocals are foreboding and furious , with an added folky Irish sound. There is also some chanting background vocals which adds a unique ambiance . This Cd has a total of 8 tracks on it and it was recorded at the Foel Studio in Wales by producer Chris Fielding. You need to take the time and check into the lyrics and understand what PRIMORDIAL is conveying to you in their music.

Now in all fairness, this is not my typical style music to listen to, but everyone gets a listen or two. First time I listened I wasn’t too sure about it, so needless to say I had to listen a few more times, to get the feel, to listen to what they were trying to say, and get out of my heavy metal mode. So with an open mind I sat down to listen again, and I really liked it, I could appreciate the differences in this CD, an appreciation for what PRIMORDIAL creates. Give it a try, you should always be able to value good music.

“Wherever you go and whatever you do, May the luck of the Irish be there with you.”