MARCH 10th 2012


Review by Peter Ruttan

Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith and former talent SikTh frontman Mikee Goodman have joined forces and come to form Primal Rock Rebellion. Together, they’ve released an album that has a strange metallic mixture combining a classical metal guitarist with scretching, screaming and partly spoken lyrics.

Smith has written all the tracks on ‘Awoken Broken’ and he has also taken on all the guitars (including bass). Smith who has a broad taste in music had decided to ditch the maiden gallop guitar and play more contemporary modern grooves. The result is a record full of anthemic primal rock, with enough weirdness to please the Sikth supporters. WARNING! This disc is not for Maiden fans and will be put off by Goodman's versatile voice but metalheads that are open minded enough for bands like Faith No More will be pleased.

 Awoken Broken is an album that sees the minds of two different spectrums of metal come together and exchange various ideas and using them to do something a little more different.

IN ADDITION to the Primal Rock Rebellion pair, there are backing vocals on three of the tracks (delivered by Tarin Kerry, discovered by Mikee while he was acting as producer for a band she was in), viola on the bulk of the songs (provided by Abi Fry of Bat For Lashes), plus original SikTh member Dan 'Loord' Foord on drums.

'Awoken Broken' was produced by Adrian and Mikee, and mixed by Simon Hanhart, whose previous credits include everyone from Tin Machine to Saxon. The track-listing runs as follows:-

1. No Friendly Neighbour 4.53
2. No Place Like Home 3.06
3. I See Lights 4.59
4. Bright As A Fire 6.21
5. Savage World 3.38
6. Tortured Tone 5.08
7. White Sheet Robes 5.16
8. As Tears Come Falling From The Sky 0.47
9. Awoken Broken 4.58
10. Search For Bliss 4.13
11. Snake Ladders 4.43
12. Mirror and the Moon 5.04

The album takes you on a colourful journey explains Goodman and Smith adds which explores both musicians styles and influences which they felt was new and exciting. I know for me it took a few listens to get excited with this melodic metal/rock album and I hope others feel the same way when they pick it up for a spin.