OCTOBER 9/10th 2018
Review by: Metal Mom
Galleries By: Char Tupper

Seattle: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/carach-angren/
Portland: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/pitch-black-over-north-america/

Two days of Carach Angren? Im not going to complain about that, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review both the Seattle and Portland shows, both were beyond amazing, however, had some differences between them of course. Seattle’s show soundwise, wasn’t the greatest, there were times I could barely hear the vocalists of all 3 bands, or something was “missing”. The sound engineers on this tour would have had a hard time working with this system at Club Sur. It was my first time attending a show at this venue since the departure of Studio 7. The Portland show was at the Paris Theatre, my first time attending a show here as well. The theatre used to be a hub for adult entertainment in the Rose Quarter of Portland, but through many changes, it is now a concert venue, visually, I loved the antique, old theatre look, very intimate venue with a cool vibe. The sound for this venue, was drastically better then Seattle. Sound was crystal clear, all members of the band sounded great, it was nice to see the tour crew satisfied with the end results of each band.  Let us dwell a little into each band and their performances, shall we?

The rulers of the frozen lands, WOLFHEART was the opening band of the tour package. These guys have created their own genre called "Winter Metal", they executed the genre well both nights. The Finnish band formed back in 2013, and currently touring in support of a new record, this was their first North American Tour.  They have had a great response so far, both nights they played great sets, and the excitement in the crowd for these guys shows.  After witnessing them on stage, I can totally understand why. You need to go check out these guys while you can. If you can’t, go check out their social media or even YouTube. They are full on dedicated to their performance and sound. I was captivated, they have a sound that once they start, you aren't going to be leaving for anything, not even a beer, you will be hooked. They have mastered their talents and gave us a night to remember. Let's hope that they make a return soon.

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST, another Finnish band, also their first-time touring North America. I didn't really know what to expect from these guys, I hadn't seen them before obviously and I was optimistic, I had heard a lot of positive comments before the tour started about these guys, so I was anxious to hear what the fuss was about. They raised their own funds via GoFundMe page to make it possible to come over and do this tour, that’s pretty impressive. The band has been around since 1999, released numerous albums, and they are listed as Melodic Death Metal, which was easy to hear when they performed, and they executed it perfectly. That being said, no matter what the genre, I didn’t care, their sound was epic! Full of melody, but also heavy riffs and fast blasts from the drums, it was a great combination. Safe to say the Scandinavians have this “Melodic metal” down pat!  These guys had my attention from start to finish both nights, I never got sick of watching their sets, phenomenal band. I hope these Finnish metallers too, come back to North America for another tour.  

The stage is now ready for the mighty Dutchman, the one and only CARACH ANGREN. A little background is necessary to get the feel for this haunting band.  First, let’s start with the members, you have "Seregor" (vocals), "Ardek" (keyboards, orchestration), Namtar (drums, percussion) and "The Butcher" (guitar), they have released 5 albums in their career ( "Lammendam", "Death Came Through a Phantom Ship", "Where the Corpses Sink Forever", "This is No Fairytale", and their latest "Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten"), I personally have them all, and with good reason. Carach Angren was the main reason I attended these shows. I always make an effort to see these guys, in fact, I’ve seen them everytime they come to North America. They  like to bring something new each tour for their fan, but with this being Carach Angren’s first ever headlining tour here in North America, this tour got a few extra special treats. The lights slightly dimmed, in the darkness, you see a haunting backdrop begin to illuminate, and cemetery gates surround the drum kit, you are almost expecting ghosts to float up from this vision, but Namtar enters the “cemetery drumkit” with an evil glare and prepares to unleash hell behind the drums. The Butcher and Ardek come out on stage at the same time, however, Ardek’s keyboard begins to move as almost its possessed by ghosts, moving up and down, sideways, you name it. It was a pretty great setup, that’s for sure, then Seregor walked onstage last, microphone in hand, and the show instantly began with a song off the newest record, “Charlie”. A band that you need to see, at least once, but I have a feeling that it will be more than once,  they have something that captures you, almost like a trance, and it doesn't let go, it holds your soul, and you are rooted to your spot taking it all in. I was ecstatic when I heard they were headlining, meaning I could listen to more ominous, dark and eerie songs, like “Lingering in an Imprinting Haunting”, “When Crows Tick on Windows”, “Sir John”, and countless others. The song “Blood Queen”, however, deserves a special mention, since before the track begins to play, Seregor unveils a mannequin named “Jane Doe”, her eyes are hollow and black, she has numerous cuts to her body and legs, while her veil was lifted, Seregor takes out a knife from his boot, slits her throat and blood begins to pour while Seregor licks it off her. For the crowd, this was cool to see, for myself, I thought it was a little eery and almost unsettling, but I respect the horror aspect behind it, and the fans went nuts for it. They truly have mastered their look and performance along with the songwriting and putting it all together. There are only a small handful of bands I find with this kind of talent, and these guys are high on my list. Their music style combined with horror tales gives the feeling of being told a gruesome story from beginning to end. Such a unique aspect to heavy metal in general, I know lots of bands use urder stories or horrific events to inspire their writing, but in the manner its done, these guys take the cake for originality. I could go on and on, but I won’t, I will simply insist that you go check out Carach Angren and the others on this tour run, this is a package worth seeing, from opener to headliner, and that is extremely rare these days. Go check them out !

Remaining Tour Dates:

15 Oct San Diego, CA Brick by Brick
16 Oct Mesa, AZ Club Red
18 Oct Austin, TX Come and Take it Live!
19 Oct Dallas, TX Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
20 Oct Houston, TX Acadia
21 Oct New Orleans, LA Southport Hall
22 Oct Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
23 Oct Orlando, FL The Haven
24Oct Spartanburg, SC Ground Zero
25 Oct Richmond, VA Canal Club
27 Oct Manchester, NH Jewel Nightclub
28 Oct New York, NY Gramercy Theatre

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