FEBURARY 20th 2017


Review by Lana Muirhead
Photos by Peter Ruttan


It was a bit of a battle to make it to the Vogue on Monday, February 20th, and no, I don’t mean the physical one of stomping down tweens trying to get to the bar for another beer.  Long story short, I missed the first act of a triple bill including Crown The Empire, Falling In Reverse, and Pierce The Veil.  Devastating as it was, I am sure Crown The Empire killed it and I will be wowed by them another night.

Despite the insane mass of young girls with wild hair, Falling In Reverse managed to distract me with their intense, career-spanning set.  Ronnie Radke (lead vocalist), Christian Thompson (lead guitar), Derek Jones (rhythm guitar), Zakk Sandler (bass), and Ryan Seaman (drums) all played great together from opener “Intro/Sink Or Swim”, through “Rolling Stone”, new release “Loser”, “I’m Not A Vampire”, “The Drug In Me Is You”, and finally closer “Just Like You”, before which a backdrop released to reveal the shocking truth that “You Are All Assholes” fell (at which time I’m guessing a few parental units’ puckered significantly and they questioned their ability to actually parent).  Regardless of whether I still find the rap-sprinkled pop-punk scene cute or not, there was no denying the instrument ownership on that stage.  Nor was there an asshole in the room (still counting…) who could contest that while possibly not the most ideal role model, Radke is a performer and did his job well on this most jail-bait-y of nights.

Headliners Pierce The Veil have been off my musical radar a while, but firmly re-established themselves as a live gale-force with their performance.  While seemingly not of the dramatic sort, Vic Fuentes (vocals, rhythm guitar, keys), Tony Perry (lead guitar), Jaime Preciado (bass), and Mike Fuentes (drums, percussion) made their way to the stage amidst a flurry of smoke, creeping out of what appeared to be a broken spacecraft, in space suits.  Their crash-landing in Vancouver was well received, as evidenced by the shrill shrieks of love-drunk high school outcasts. PTV wasted no time, opening with aptly chosen “Dive In”, newbies “Texas Is Forever” and “Floral and Fading”, “Bulletproof Love”, “Circles”, and night-closing “King For A Day”, to name a few.  Mid-set we were also given a rare performance where Preciado abandoned his bass for the less portable keys during an acoustic rendition of “Say Away From My Friends”.

The energy was uncontrolled in every member of Pierce The Veil, with Preciado parading his bass all over the stage, Perry shredding like the turtles were on his ass, and Mike Fuentes guiding the chaos with his dynacism from behind the kit.  At the helm, of course, was Vic, who I couldn’t help but compare with a young Dave Grohl from a different time but with the same heart and enthusiasm. Falling In Reverse may have brought the light show but Pierce The Veil brought the confetti and steam cannons.  By the end of their set, everyone looked like they were decorated by a two-year-old with the sprinkle jar.

Other than being 10 years too old to be at the show without a rugrat to justify it, I was impressed with the musicianship I sometimes take for granted from bands that do not deliver me consistent likeable albums.  This resting bitchface is willing to say that while I probably still won’t go out and buy either band’s album, they can rock a stage and moisten the panties of up-and-coming future groupies with little effort.