JANUARY 19th 2019 

Review by Metallic Barbie
Photos by Peter Ruttan

Going back 40 years, you may remember four young musicians who embarked on a journey putting them at the forefront of a brand new music era.  Peter Murphy, David J, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins formed Bauhaus in 1978.  Recently, Murphy and David J reunited to celebrate their inaugural full length In the Flat Field“ruby” anniversary.

As the oft referred ‘Godfathers of Goth’, Murphy and the band set the atmosphere from note one with heavy ambiance and an eerie presence, much to the delight of the packed room.  The show included a cover to cover rendition of In the Flat Field, followed by a sprinkling of the best of their five studio albums.  From “Silent Hedges” to “She’s In Parties” to “King Volcano” to favourite “Bella Lugosi’s Dead”, Murphy and David J commanded the crowd, curtain to curtain.

Despite some sound issues at the beginning of the set, Murphy et al played to an adoring audience, transporting them back to the late 1970s when post-punk/goth rock was a concept not yet explored.  If Bauhaus had offspring, they would be a modern day incestuous Ghost, Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails sharing the same tit (some of whom Murphy has collaborated with in his solo career).

Though not mainstream, in any sense of the word, Bauhaus paved the way for more explorative and fusion-driven music, as evidenced by their eclectic works.  Murphy, at the pulpit of the stage in universal goth uniform, with his knowing and authorative gaze, performed with all the conviction of a satanic preacher, demonstrating that it is never too late to make an impact.

The Bauhaus “Ruby Tour” continues through North America in the coming months, expanding the minds of a new, virgin generation, while reinvigorating the already molested ones of old.