JULY 19th,2011

Review by: Metal Mom  

First let me tell you who the band members are , lead guitar and vocals is Patrick Mameli, other lead guitar is Patrick Uterwijk, fretless bass is mastered by Jeroen Paul Thesseling, and the drums are taken care of by Yuma Van Eekelen. Now you know who is responsible for this CD. They are from the Netherlands and are what some call a death/thrash/technical metal band.

This 11 track CD “Doctrine” was recorded and mixed at the Woodshed Studio in Germany by Victor Bullok (Triptykon, Dark Fortress). The artwork was created by Marko Saarelainen.

But I do want to apologize for getting this CD review out later than it should have been. Unfortunately I kept trying to listen to it to see the good. I will say that musically I did enjoy it, the heavy blistering guitar with some awesome solos was great. The drums contributed the raw brutal sound to the album. I have to say though, that I did not like the shrieking, wailing vocals, they just didn’t seem to fit into the musical content. I was excited to hear the first track “The Predication”, sounded great, caught my attention as I thought I was in a church for a moment, but then it lost me, I was waiting for it to enter into some heavy riffing, drum blasts, and those deep growls. Didn’t happen. It would have been much better to have a deeper growling, snarling voice, that sang after the first little intro of hearing what sounds like a priest, one that sounds like the devil has risen. Just my opinion.

I am sure that there are some avid fans out there that will love it, and that’s great. Support your favourite bands. I tried to like this one, I really did, but the vocals put me off of it. And I will listen to the next release, I don’t let one ruin it for any others.