FEBRUARY 28th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

I was lucky last year in June of 2011 to have reviewed PANDEMONIUM’s 2 song promo for Misanthropy. At that time I only had God Delusion and Black Forest to judge on. Considering this was the first time I had even heard of the band, it is kind of hard to really tell what their overall sound was like. But I did my homework, checked out the band who originated back in 1989, and described as

So tonight, I have sat through a few listening to get a real feel for their full 8 tracks:

1) The Black Forest
2) God Delusion
3) Necro Judas
4) Stones Are Eternal
5) Avant-garde Underground
6) Everlasting Opposition
7) Only the Dead Will See the End of War
8) Misanthropy

Not disappointed one bit by the onslaught of aggression and melody. The return of the legend of Underground is here in full force, after 5 long years PANDEMONIUM has stuck again, you can be witness to this brutal, death/black metal atmosphere, as it will be released on March 10th through Pagan Records. The album features guest appearances from Greek vocalist Androniki Skoula (Chaostar, Septic Flesh) and Khorzon (Arkona) who recorded all samples and intros. This CD was recorded at Viriam Art Studio, with recordings done by Piotr Tyszkiewicz, who is also responsible for the mixing and mastering of the music material. There is a great range of musical talent to be found on this, from the all encompassing riffs, to the vocals who make it possible to capture the ire, rage and brutal fury felt throughout the album. The drums also have captured the beat of anger. All in all, this CD has proven to be diverse, something I find has much appeal when listening to. But don’t listen to me, go out and get your own copy March 10th and decide for yourself.

a severe dark majestic black metal band, and at that time this type of metal was non-existent. And today in 2012, they are still making it a style all their own.