JUNE 29th,2011  

Review by: Chris (Yoofoh)  


Sweden’s very own PAIN has returned in the year 2011 with “You Only Live Twice”, some people’s love is others hate, and many may feel just that for this newest CD.

First let me tell you about the body of PAIN , there is the brain which is Peter Tagtgren, the right arm David Wallin, the left leg Michael Bohlin, and the very balls would be Johan Husgafel. Peter is the creative brain for PAIN, which is understandable since music is Peters way of life. He is the frontman for 2 bands, Hypocrisy and Pain, and he knows how to push boundaries. This album is the 7th industrial metal/electronic/techno creative project for PAIN. It was recorded at the Abyss Studios (where Peters creative style takes effect). Peter has worked with such names as Dark Funeral, Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir, Marduk, Immortal and countless others.

The name of the album “You Only Live Twice” refers to the idea that without a stress release an exploding of oneself will occur thus living twice, once as you and once as someone else. Now the album itself is a heavy / epic/ dark / brutal / fast and maybe mean, with steady, interlocking riffs. The catchiest being “The Great Pretender” and “Dirty Woman”. Some songs are almost reminiscent of Peters other band but all is good, you can differentiate between the two. The lyrics are all about everyday life surrounding us, and how shitty it can be, or the good times. This album is all over the metal / rock map if you will. AC/DC type songs and some slow or creepy even. Some of the heavier songs are reminiscent of old songs like “Dancing with the Dead” and “Same old Song”. This album is a must listen to because its an all around PAIN(full) experience (meaning getting all the full PAIN exposure).

Hail Musik