MARCH 29th, 2014

Review By: Metal Mom

Always a great opportunity to listen to a metal band that has come from our own homeland, Canada.  This 5 member band comes from the depths of Montreal in fact. By the sounds of it, they are creating the sound that makes them happy, and it works.

This from their facebook page - “Behind all electric flesh, lies our Souls. Reacting to our rhythm and melodies, making us Human. As I hold this Humanity, I have created a sound. A melody. A groove. Now you can taste its Origins.”

Band Members -
Sergio Schiappacassi - Guitar
Ismael Mossadeq - Guitar
Raphael Osorio - Vocals
Charly St-Pierre - Bass
Christophe Leblanc - Drums

Origins was released December 2, 2013, with production/engineering and mixing all done by guitarist Sergio Schiappacassi, which assistant engineering done by Charly St-Pierre and the mastering completed by Antoine Nadon. Obviously a team well picked for this cd. All the music was written by Sergio Schiappacassi (except Manipulators), all the lyrics done by Raphael Osorio (except Afraid), the vocals on this album were recorded at Microgroove Studio by Charly St-Pierre. And for the artwork for this album, is was done by Sergio Schiappacassi.  So you can see they have had their hand in the whole process of this album. Meaning its exactly done their way.

Track Listing -
1. Intro
2. Wasteland
3. Origins
4. Evolve
5. Just a Memory
6. Afraid
7. Manipulators
8. Afraid (instrumental)

I can see Our Souls Evolve making an impact on the metal scene, which you have to admit is a pretty hard thing to do these days when that particular genre is filled to the brim with many bands.  I for one, have never heard of them before being asked to review Origins, but I can tell you, don’t let that fool you, these guys know what they are doing. I think they will leave an impact, have you wanting more. It’s a CD that you are going to enjoy, always a surprise around each song, never predictable, always changing, from melody to material that has some death metal components. Tight guitar riffs, one guitar heavy and the other a lighter sound,  bass does a fine job of annihilating, drums, a lot of cymbals and hihats but commanding your attention to listen and enjoy the fluid blasts.  It’s very rare these days to find an album that you will listen to straight through without skipping a song or two, but I found myself enjoying each of their 8 songs on this album. Its unique, and one that I will recommend to you for your enjoyment.