DECEMBER 31st 2014

Review by: Metal Mom

Genre: Hard Alternative/Rock
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Record Label: Century Media Records

Adrian Patrick - Lead vocals
Ryan Patrick - Lead guitar, vocals
Corky Gainsford - Drums, vocals, programming
Vassilios Metropoulos - Bass Guitar
Andrew Pugh - Rhythm Guitar

Peace At All Costs is the second full length album from rockers Otherwise, who originate out of Las Vegas. First album True Love Never Dies, sold over 55,000 albums and 275,000 singles which includes the hit songs "Soldiers", "I Don't Apologize (1000 pictures), and "Die For You" , all three my favourite by the way.

OTHERWISE singer, Adrian Patrick quoted: "Darker Side of the Moon is just the beginning of the journey that we plan to take with everyone.

Track Listing:
 1. IV
2. Love & War
3. Darker Side Of The Moon
4. Demon Fighter
5. Coming For The Throne
6. Never Say
7. The Other Side Of The Truth
8. All The Pretty Things
9. Walk Away
10. For The Fallen Ones
11. Fate Is Your Enemy
12. V
13. Meet Me In The Dark
14. Man On Fire
Producer: David Bottrill
Studio: Vegas View Studios

Peace At All Costs is a double entendre. The phrase can be interpreted  as, ‘Give us peace, or we’ll take it from you.

The band teamed up with recognizable producer and Grammy Award winner, David Bottrill, who has worked with the likes of Tool, Muse, Staind, Stone Sour. With the help of David the band pushed their talent even further this time around.  

What can you expect to hear from this album, well some magnificent melodies, vocals that are strong and intense. The bass riffs are heavy here at times, a good thing, the drums are dynamic, the guitar work ranges from a solid riff to something a little more powerful, almost hypnotizing. The songs also range in tempo, so no matter if you are angry, happy, sad, there is a song on here meant just for you.

This album is going to catch your attention right from the start, I enjoyed every song, and some days I might just skip over the slower ones, depending on mood, but this album is a powerhouse of Hard Alternative and rock.