SEPTEMBER 18th 2017

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Time to once again, travel down to Seattle to see firsthand, a band I have been dying to see for a very long time, Sweden’s very own, PAIN. Upon pulling up to the venue, I was shocked to see hardly any cars around, yes, the parking had changed, but where were the cars? At first, I thought, oh no, something has happened, maybe moved venues, but heading over to the door, nope, nothing had changed, it was still at Studio 7, which is fine by me, I have my safety zone if needed.  Maybe the lack of “people” would change later on tonight.

Up first tonight is local band, WHYTHRE, right out of Seattle. To be honest, I haven’t seen or heard these guys before, and I do like the Seattle scene for helping support the smaller, local acts on big name tours passing through. After all, all bands start off as openers at one time or another. I was impressed, I stood up front and enjoyed their set. They all looked to be enjoying themselves as well, and gave 100%. What more can you ask for. Sadly though, not that large of an audience to showcase their efforts, but that didn’t affect their performance, they still gave it their all.

Next VOODOO KUNGFU, all the way from Beijing China. Another first for me, and quite the unique presence and sound, that’s for sure. Their appearance gave more of a traditional Chinese robe, artwork, calligraphy, caught your attention right away. From 2009, they played some of the biggest festivals in China, and performed along with Soulfly. Soon banned from China as “Anti-humanity Band”, Chinese Cobra moved over to the USA and did some studies, and with the hellish journey he had, he turned that journey into his music. Well executed, brought more people to the floor, and again, another interesting and energic performance. I would see them again next time they came around.

Okay, “I’m Going In”, so “Shut Your Mouth”, it’s time for the band I came to see – PAIN. They have never toured North America. Sure, they did 2 sets on 70000 tons, but that’s only “great” if you could afford to attend the cruise, whereas this time around, everyone across the continent could witness their set. WooHoo!!! Let me just say, I was not disappointed for one second, I stood up front, and bounced around like a 20-year-old to all their songs. Horns held high and having the time of my life. If you missed this one, you definitely missed out on one hell of a show.  Peter’s son, Mr. Sebastian Tägtgren did the drum work on this tour, due to their regular drummer not being able to make it over, but I would honestly say, no “change of faces” was noticed, this boy definitely has his father’s genes, when it comes to musical talent, he played the drums flawlessly, note for note. Andre, on his Spector Bass had those bass riffs thundering in your veins, Greger’s guitar work had plenty of intricate riffs, no “Monkey Business” here, the band all had our blood pumping. Let’s not forget to mention, the man behind it all, Swedish industrial-metal force multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain, Lindemann), he had us all captivated from beginning to end. At one point, he jumped off and played guitar in amongst the fans. Thank you, Peter, Sebastian, Andre, and Greger for making this night one I won’t forget. Such an amazing performance by one and all.

Headlining tonight’s show was Israel's pioneers of Oriental metal, ORPHANED LAND. Just realized that each of these bands are a first for me tonight. Making for a great tour all around with a diverse line-up too. Now I wasn’t too sure what to expect, I had listened to one, yes just one song on youtube, and I wasn’t entirely impressed. Learned my lesson, will never do that again, since Orphaned Land was magnificent, love the flow of their music, also appreciated the words Kobi spoke during their set. There is a lot of thought and consideration that goes into the writing of their songs, and for those that know me, I am not a big one on lyrics, it’s all about the music, the energy that comes from the band. I got it, and I am pretty sure that I was not the only one, looking around the room, they had the floor filled a bit more, still not as many as I had hoped so that everyone could enjoy. Both band and fans fed off each other, it felt that way. Great set, great songs, and we walked away thinking about a few things.