JULY 18th 2012
Review by Derek Clifford

Formed in 2006 Out of Walkerton, Ontario Canada and not to be confused with the band from Brampton, Ontario.

While I don't mind there softer vocal range the growling leaves one to be desired. I felt the track "Blue Channel" was the only one worth listening to with the rest just being you're every day mediocre melodic death band trying to be heavy for the sake of being heavy, guess they could open for Ozzfest at some point but I'm sure that isn't a compliment.

Overall I guess it's true that just because a band is from one's home country doesn't necessarily make them any good!





1. Burning The Bridges To Nowhere (05:10)
2. Within The Distraction (05:18)
3. Blue Channel (03:35)
4. Viral By Nature (03:57)
5. Insomnia (05:24)
6. A Ghost Upstairs (03:16)
7. Claw My Eyes Out (05:03)
8. Identity Of The Doomed (04:52)
9. No Way Out (04:19)
10. The Descent (04:27)