SEPTEMBER 3rd 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Band Members:
Alex Erian:  Vocals (ex-Despised Icon),
Miguel Lepage:  Bass
John Campbell:  Guitar
Greg Wood:  Guitar
Stevie Morotti:  Drums

Genre: Metal & Hardcore

Hometown: Montreal & Ottawa

Release Date: September 15th via Epitaph Records.

Biography for the band simply says: Not trying to reinvent the wheel. We keep it simple. We keep it real.

In January 2012 this aggressive band formed and gained more than 14,000 fans on facebook, and all within the first two weeks of start-up, and this was done without a single song out there. It could be too that for two years these 5 guys were driven hard with touring and previous knowledge of them from previous bands.

This is their 2nd album and I can safely say you will lots of aggression and old school philosophy, which I am sure will be causing some brutal moshing when they play live.

For being together for such a short period of time, they crush it, a true essence of a band that knows what they want and how to put it out there for all to enjoy. They have sealed their sound. If you really want something with a broad fusion of extreme metal and hardcore punk, then you have come to the right place.  What you will also find are the metal side of things as well. When you grow up with that surrounding you, its only natural to lean that way, it has an influence.   

Listen to all twelve tracks and I think you will agree that “Back In The Day” is the strong point on the album, but let’s not forget the other songs on this album are just as strong, and varied. I do really like the song “Raise Your Voice“, just for what it says, to stay true, don’t change because others put you down. Should be the song for anti-bully websites.

Salvation Track List:
01. Short Fuse
02. Raise Your Voice
03. Up In Smoke
04. Into The Storm
05. Next Level
06. Back In The Day
07. I Am Winter
08. Lone Wolf
09. C’est La Vie
10. Full Circle
11. North Strong
12. Brave The Fire

Listen to ‘Raise Your Voice’ :

When it is released, make sure to pick up your copy, especially if you are a hardcore fan, you will enjoy every single song, and you will listen again. Too bad there wasn’t a repeat button. Also an album to listen to LOUD .. enjoy