MARCH 14th, 2014

Review By: Metal Mom

Band Members -
FEN (Bartosz Chrulski) - Vocals/Guitar
DAMYEN (Damian Gwardzik) - Drums
JANUS  (Jakub Janowicz)  - Guitar
GHORAKH (Jacek Borowy) - Bass

In 2009 from the depths of Poland rose a death metal band called NORTHERN PLAGUE, and I have the good fortune to have been asked to review their latest CD. If by chance you are just becoming a metal fan, or you have been one for awhile now.  I suggest you take a listen to this one. I can honestly say that it will leave a lasting impression. January 25th  is the official day that it is being released by Torture Records. No this band hasn’t been around for long, but they seemed to have grasped what it takes to create some death black metal sounds. Meaning they just didn’t crank out an album for the sake of putting one out, they obviously took the time and worked to create something that they can say it’s their best.

Manifesto is the perfect follow up to Blizzard of The North (2011). If you enjoy Behemoth, Vader, Hate , then you can’t help but enjoy NORTHERN PLAGUE. For all metalheads, its what you have come to expect, it’s lethal, merciless, and of course heavy, and leaves you with that thundering metal in your veins. And maybe you will hear some more added in to complete this album, how about diversity, lots of rhythm, melody and in no way do you want to skip songs. The sound truly is stunning here if you can use that word to describe metal. For only being the 2nd release from the band, you can see the craftsmanship here, it can also be called catchy with lots of energy, some solos, also some good guitar riffs can be heard. Vocals are true metal, from screams to growls. Drum blasts are pretty kick ass to. So much variety to this album, and also I can see a lot of headbanging and moshing happening here. The whole album is well thought out, skillfully, with lots of creativity. But don’t take my word for it, go get yourself a copy and listen to it yourself.

Some details about the album:

Produced by - Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski & Northern Plague

Recorded and mixed by - Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski at Sound Division Studio, Warszawa, Poland

Mastered by - Wiesławski Bros at HERTZ Studio, Białystok
Cover Art by - Łukasz Radziszewski
Cover Concept by - Fen & Damyen
Layout by - Nagrobek
Music by - Northern Plague
Lyrics by - Fen

Track Listing:
I. Century of Waste
II. Divide et Impera
III. Reign of Mother War
IV. Let the world burn!
V. The Edge
VI. Legion
VII. Unclean Words
VIII. Manifesto