JUNE 2nd 2012


Genre: Death / Black Metal

Hometown: Bialystok, Poland


Fenris - guitar / vocals
Janus - lead guitar
Ghorakh - bass / additional vocals
Damyen - drums

Northern Plague was created in July 2009 by guitarist and vocalist Fenris and drummer of Ukrainian descent - Saryon. After several months the lineup was completed. In addition to Fenris and Saryon, Ghorakh (bass) and Janus (lead guitar) joined. Then the intensive work started on the material, this resulted in an EP “Blizzard of the North”. Recording, mixing, and mastering took place over the months of September to December of 2010 in Bialystok at Hertz Studio (known for Vader, Decapitated, Hate, Vesania, and Behemoth).

Unfortunately, after almost two years of cooperation Saryon decided to leave Northern Plague, but soon in his place appeared an ambitious, talented drummer by the name of Damyen.

In 2011 Northern Plague did their share of touring, and the first half of 2012 shared the stage as guests, and even did some headlining in Poland.

Currently the band is focusing on intensive promotion of the first release. Northern Plague has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many bands, such as Lost Soul, Azarath, Nammoth, Neuropathia and has gained the experience of performing in some major Polish cities. And now they ready to share their music abroad.