OCTOBER 16th 2013
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

After a three hour drive, through some intense fog,  arrived in Seattle under much better weather conditions. Found a place in back of Studio Seven to park, and gathered what was needed, and headed in. I was pretty much taken back by the lack of crowd standing at the door, maybe 10 people at the most. Yeah, I know, it’s a Wednesday , but come on, I came from Vancouver to witness this show. But just maybe they will arrive by the more well known bands.

Starting the night off is a band called NOCTURNAL DAMNATION, never heard of them, but I am guessing it’s a local band, as Seattle like to help promote their own bands. Not exactly sure how I feel about these guys. So I am going to think on it. Or give them another try at a different show. No point in me spewing things when I am not sure. Better yet, you can check them out if you live around here.

Next up, another local called THOU SHALL KILL, have seen these guys a few times now, and they catch your attention with what they wear, the blood all over the singer, and just their knives, axes, helmet, its just different visually. Definitely bringing with them the death, thrash metal sound, which fans were enjoying. They did move around the stage, they didn’t just stand there, so it was a good performance by all. Just not sure I am really into the dark, evil, death/thrash sound much anymore. Don’t get me wrong, this is just my opinion, and looking around the room, they had their fans attention. They did a great job of what they wanted to get across.

“Awake yourself to your inner power, The time is now in this very hour.” Up next is Canada’s own NECRONOMICON, and to tell you the truth, this is who I came for. Make no mistake, I have heard people say, they sound like this band or that band, but open up and give it a good listen, and you will discover this is far more than just music they give us. There has been some changes over time with this band, but they never fail, they move forward with each album, and demonstrate the pure gilt-edged talent of the occult metal. From the Fjord of Saguenay to all “dark corner of the earth“, they are leaving their mark. It has been said that they were ahead of their time. It’s true. Take the time to dig into their lyrics, and you will discover so much more. Now for their performance, it was cosmic, it was irreproachable. Make no mistake, when they come on stage, they give you everything they have.  There is so much ambiance to their set, meticulous accomplishment.  They are dramatic, maybe a bit sinister, but its also melodic, and original, authentic at it’s ultimate best. I was only disappointed when their set came to a close. In my humble opinion, supporting the headliner was the only place these guys of NECRONOMICON should have been. For only having three members, and one (Chris) only joining the band to replace one that was in a car accident before, these guys really kicked some major ass. Please, if you are going to this concert, make sure you are there in time to see NECRONOMICON, they executed their brutality, their melodic dark ambiance all to perfection. Fantastic job

Next a band I was not aware of, DISGORGE from San Diego, California. Definitely a very brutal death metal band. I am always reminded of Cookie Monster vocals when I hear this type of singing, someone mentioned it to me awhile back, and I have never forgotten it. I don’t know how they sing like this, but it surely must hurt the throat after. A couple of songs in, and I enjoyed them, they had some music that all flowed nicely together, and then the vocals added on top gave them the distinct sound. The crowds were gathering more on the floor, and moshing was happening. Good indication that it was being enjoyed.

BROKEN HOPE is next, supporting Deicide, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Okay, I am sorry all you death metal fans out there, but I like to hear the vocals and the words when listening, nothing better than singing along with the band. And the music was good most of the time, but it kept changing direction, so you just get into the rhythm and it changed, I much prefer my death metal, with some solid steady music, and vocals that don’t sound like there are a bunch of marbles in their mouths. Yeah, I am going to get a lot of flack for that, but hey, I listen to Cannibal Corpse no problem, all different kinds of death metal out there, and they are all not to everyone’s liking. There were not too many headbanging, but a lot moshing, and excessively brutal.

Now, who’s up next, the last , the headliner DEICIDE, out of Florida, and this my friends, is what death metal is all about, and they have been around since 1987 and have transformed the metal world. I would call Deicide one of the founding fathers of death metal, and without a doubt maybe one of the most controversial bands. Most of you know this band, brutal sound, sacrilegious lyrics, setting the standards for extreme metal. If that’s what you came for, then its also what you got. I have to say though, last time I saw Deicide was with Belphegor, and this time around, I really appreciated the music of this band, excellent musical talent by all, vocals were distinctive and first class death metal. I stayed for the whole set, which I am not known to do for this kind of music. But somehow Benton has captured all the audience and has them at his mercy. They played old and new, to everyone’s pleasure. This is a prime example of death metal. Who would have ever thought I would enjoy a whole set. I was a little disappointed that the whole venue was not filled to the rafters to witness this performance, it was that exceptional.  

There is still time for some of you out there to get out, show your support. Do it.

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