JANUARY 14th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

There are just so many different bands and genres out there. Its always great getting the chance to listen to some new material. Especially when this band is from London, Ontario, so its one of our own. But that doesn’t always make it a positive thing, but for me, it did in this instance, I really enjoyed all 8 tracks. They had originally formed back in 1997 as A.C.O.A., which stands for Alcoholic Children of Alcoholics, but by the time 2002 came around, out went the singer, and a name change to NOTHING LEFT FOR TOMORROW came about.

Band Members consist of:

Justin Holmes - rhythm guitar
Yasmina - vocals
Sean Westerman - drums
Pat Dwyer - bass

Musically they are on top of their sound, right from the start it caught my attention, with lots of hooks, melody and heavy aggression, and I have to say some original lead guitar work. All 8 tracks are first rate. Vocalist Yasmina has impressive growls as well, but I do not like the soft female vocals, its takes away from rock’n’roll/thrash sound. it’s a great CD, but take away those types of vocals and you would have an even more kick ass album. But I can overcome those vocals, they are not through the whole CD, they

Would I go see this band live, you bet I would, its usually a good indication of their true sound when its live. Would I buy the CD, well I am not too sure, only because of the lighter female vocals. But like I said, this album is musically outstanding, and was constantly nodding my head, taping something on the desk, not one to just sit there to. So my only suggestion for their next Cd would be to cut those vocals out, and just leave in the growls that put the heavy into the band.

happen at irregular intervals. I personally thought this was a well put together album other than the female high pitched vocals. Drums, are well executed , beat brings it all together.