APRIL 7th 2018

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

I was thrilled to be approved to do a review for this show, after all, it’s just NIGHTWISH, for 2 hours, not often you get the chance to see a band that you really enjoy alone on tour.  I would also like to take this time to say a huge “Thank You” to The Invisible Orange who made this possible, and for bringing them to a terrific venue to showcase their talent.

Walked through the doors and was greeted with a free copy of their latest release, “Nightwish – Decades”, a 2-disc album with songs from 1996 to 2015. Never been greeted with a gift for simply showing up, in all the years I’ve been doing this, and that is quite some years now.  Thank you so much, that was a wonderful gesture to all. Big bonus tonight for photographers too, if a CD wasn’t enough, they had a ‘5’ song limit instead of the usual 3. Now quick, to find my seat, I didn’t want to miss one second of this. The last time I saw them was April 25, 2015 at the Orpheum Theatre where they filmed their performance for a DVD release.

Seat found, with the help of event staff, (didn’t wear my glasses). At first, I was a little disappointed because I am always down front and centre, getting the full-on experience of the band. After a couple of songs, I realized this was the best possible seat in the house. Clear view of all the members, the changing backdrops behind them, and no one taller than me, to block my view. I was above it all, but to tell you the truth, it was also the greatest place for sound. I was right beside the two fellows who were mastering the sound and visual for Nightwish. I thanked them after the show for doing such a great job. Crew sadly doesn’t gets recognized nearly enough for their achievements, I wanted them to know how great they did.

So, the lights dimmed, a little bit of musical interlude, and a voice that came on, and proceeded to say, no cell phones, in a very nice way of course, since besides, it was only 2 hours. I thought to myself, “yeah right, like anyone will listen,” but to my surprise, this crowd listened and watched the show, not through the screen of a phone.  I constantly checked around the room and didn’t see any glares from cell phones. That, in itself, made this concert a great experience.

Troy Donockley (flutes, pipes, whistles) was the first to come on stage, playing the Uilleann pipes, what a magnificent start, then the others came on stage, Jukka (drums), Tuomas (keyboards), Marco (bass/vocals), Emppu (guitar), and Floor (vocals). This crowd tonight was a little subdued, however, they still enjoyed every minute, you could tell from the cheers in-between each song. I am probably more use to the rambunctious crowds of death metal.  This was a much better crowd, you could hear and listen to every little sound from the stage, every drum beat, guitar riffs, and the bass, with vocals topping it all off. 

Really adding to the enjoyment of the night is their backdrop, forever changing, and making for a unique experience, adding visual interest besides the music alone. I loved it, made the show extra unique.

The songs that were played, some haven’t been done in a decade, including ‘10th Man Down’, ‘Gethsemane’, and ‘Elvenpath’. The songs picked were ones that spanned their 20 plus year career, which the CD handed to us, showcases a lot of these tracks performed.  You got to enjoy a whole repertoire of Nightwish.  Even though vocalists were changed over the years, Floor showed us just how much her vocals carried each song, and never missed a single note. I have only seen Nightwish with Floor as vocalist, including her very first night as their singer, back in Seattle in October 2012. To me, she is what captures your attention, she has wonderful range, and I think this just makes Nightwish stand out among others. She can belt out new and old and just seems to show her professionalism, her talent. Let’s not forget the talent of Marco, his contributions to the songs have been, and always is a great contrast and powerful tone mixed with Floor’s voice, great combination.

This band is tight, tonight’s performance was flawless, and before I knew it those 2 hours were over, a steady 2 hours without intermission.  I could have stayed longer, it just went by so fast, Im sure the band however, doesn’t want to stay quite as long as I could, hehe. I thoroughly enjoyed this show from beginning to end, singing along, smiling, and standing, there is no way you could just sit there.

I can tell you, that even with me covering all kinds of metal from thrash metal to death metal, and a little of everything in-between, this is definitely a show you need to see, all around phenomenal performance from each and every member of this band.

These are the dates still to be played, so please, I implore you, go see them:

12.04 USA Ventura, CA - The Majestic Ventura Theatre
13.04 USA San Jose, CA - City National Civic
14.04 USA Anaheim, CA - City National Grove
15.04 USA Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theatre
17.04 USA Dallas, TX - The Bomb Factory
18.04 USA Memphis, TN - Minglewood Hall
19.04 USA Mobile, AL - Saenger Theater
21.04 USA St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Landing
22.04 USA Miami, FL - Olympia Theater