Review by: Yoofoh

History of Nephelium dates back to the late 1990s in the small Arabian city of Dubai, where, Alex Zubair and Alan Madhavan had a vision ,about a band with equal amounts of brutality/complexity, and staying true to the roots of old-school Death Metal. So with that in mind they forged ahead.

Nephelium was the 1st death metal band out of the Middle East. After a few years of making a name for themselves, they set their sights far beyond the Middle East. A crucial decision was made, relocate to Canada to further spread Nephelium’s “insidious gospel”. Settling in Toronto, Nephelium quickly made a name for themselves, and was immediately offered a show opening for death metal heavyweights Skinless. Such an impression was made that a show with Deicide was offered almost immediately.

A full-length concept album "Coils of Entropy" was recorded, 6 track masterpiece truly demonstrates Nephelium’s vision of technical death metal with old school roots and Arabian melodies.

For a 1st Cd, these guys hit it on the head, they nailed it. Its brutal and complex and definitely in your face. And its just what you want for an old school death metal band. The vocals are deep growling, much like the sound of Cannibal Corpse, guitars are heavy and thunderous, drums blast felt down to the core of your soul, and the bass, masterfully done. All in all , excellent choice for a purchase of some death metal. The only regrettable thing- its only 6 songs, way too short.

After a long and tumultuous journey across 10 years, 2 continents and countless lineup changes, Nephelium has finally become the unstoppable Metal Lords in death metal.