JULY 24th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Rob "The Witch": vocals/guitar
Armaros: bass
Rick: drums

Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Influences: The cycle of reincarnation, life , death and immortality.

Climbing from the 90’s to 2013 NECRONOMICON (Canadian) have battled against all storms and wars to bring all countries to their knees. With much success they have left an impression on each place they have journeyed to.  With much triumph they have overcome many obstacles and have just released their 4th album “Rise of the Elder Ones”.

As previously announced, Canadian death metallers NECRONOMICON’s  album is entitled ‘Rise of the Elder Ones’ and hit the stores June 7th (June 11th in North America).

 1. Resurrected
 2. The End of Times
 3. The Living God (Pharaoh of Gods Part II)
 4. The Nuclear Chaos
 5. From Beyond
 6. From Beyond
 7. Rise of the Elder Ones
 8. The Valley of the Lost Souls
 9. The Valley of the Lost Souls
10. Dark Corners of the Earth
11.The Fallen

These dark genre pioneers have kept true to their message. Since the beginning of the new millennium “Book of the Dead” (cult book) has been spreading like a disease. And let’s just say that Necronomicon is reaching every area of the world, and brutally leaving it’s mark.

“Pharaoh of Gods” album became a classic a few years after its release. “Return of the Witch” became the first worldwide release. “Morbid Ritual” demo, which was nationally acclaimed. “The Silver Key EP” gained USA and overseas attention from labels. “The Sacred Medicines” which featured “Red Bull” an American Native from western Cree Nation on the title track gathered a lot of attention as well.

NECRONOMICON moved to Montreal from “Fjord of Saguenay” of Quebec where there was a much better metal scene, one that they could unleash their darkness better.  

Every album has it’s own theme, whether is blending ambiances with extreme metal, atmospheric passages, using narration and angelic female voices, various orchestrations, this is what NECRONOMICON is best known for, and they masterfully create their style.

They have worked extremely hard to get where they are today, taking the stages with such bands as Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Morbid Angel to name just a few. But they have also made their name known on such festivals as Inferno (Norway), Heavy MTL (Canada), Ragnarok (Germany), and the Barge to Hell, which I had the great pleasure of watching both their sets.

The Eternal trio led by the Dark One Rob, “The Witch”, is working with well known record label “Season of Mist” to bring forth their, what I would call their best to date album, “Rise of the Elder Ones”.

So what do I think of it, well I am hooked on Necronomicon, after seeing both sets on the Barge to Hell, I was so impressed with their performances, and how well they sounded. So I was pretty anxious to be able to be the one to cover this CD Review. In fact I wouldn’t let anyone else do it. But first, I don’t give credit unless it’s an excellent job all around, no matter if I am a fan or not, I try very hard to be critical and I go through the CD numerous times to find fault. Well, I tried hard, I listened and listened more than 3 times, and what I found was that I was enjoying it so much I forgot to review it. So for the 6th time, I sat down, chased everyone out, no music on, and sat down to do it. These are my findings :

First off for a 3 member band, to have so much talent, and execute it so brutally is amazing. There is some of that old school death metal, but at times can also hear some clean ambiance, and maybe where people think they sound like Dimmu is when the symphonic part comes in. But don’t compare them to Dimmu, because NECRONOMICON is their own sound, one they have strived to succeed in over the years. What they have done is masterfully created something brutal but symphonic and have it come out with such metal expertise. The growls of the dark master are exceptional, hostile, and brutal and put the finishing touches to this album. The drum blasts are executed to perfection, fast and furious, and not all the same beats. Guitar work is phenomenal as well, bringing its own sound to the album. Its black, its dark, its brutal, it’s everything you could possibly want to listen to. It has perfect balance, and its also an album that you will enjoy for a long time. I can go on and on about this album, but you just need to go get it and listen for yourself, I am sure you will agree with me. A great listen at anytime. Excellent job , thank you .