JANUARY 14th, 2014
Review by Ruben Mosquesda

Nashville Pussy-Up the Dosage
SPV USA 2014

When the Atlanta based quartet Nashville Pussy issued their fifth studio record ‘From Hell to Texas’ in 2009 they received all sorts of accolades --because it was a great record. ‘From Hell to Texas’ was reissued in 2012 with bonus content. This allowed Nashville Pussy to continue to tour extensively worldwide. The band closed out the summer of 2012 opening for their idols ZZ Top.

After brief hiatus guitarists Ruyter Suys and Blaine Cartwright and Co reconvened to  write material for the new record. Fast forward to 2014 Nashville Pussy have a new album titled ‘Up the Dosage’ and a new bass player Bonnie Buitrago. Buitrago was broken in during the absence of Karen Cuda who subsequently left the band in 2012.

’Up the Dosage’ has been dubbed Nashville Pussy’s ‘Back in Black’ by the band themselves. That’s a tall order isn’t it? Especially because of what  ‘Back in Black’ meant to AC/DC after the loss of their beloved frontman Bon Scott. In the case of Nashville Pussy no such loss has taken place. ‘Up the Dosage’ is a sleazy, heavy grooved, explosive, and boisterous effort; that encompasses elements of ‘Let it Bleed,’ ‘Ace of Spades,’ ‘Never Mind the Bullocks,’ and ‘Highway to Hell.’ It’s that magnificent. There’s the trademark Nashville Pussy decadent rockers like; “Everybody’s Fault but Mine,” “Rub it to Death,” “White and Loud,” Pillbilly Blues,” and “Pussy’s Not A Dirty Word” that’s a given. However Nashville Pussy have expanded their palette with the hardcore influenced “Taking it Easy” which Suys handles the vocals. The track clocks in at a mere 46 seconds-- I was left wanting to hear more of that. Then there’s “Before the Drugs  Wear Off” it’s a lyrically brilliant  track that sounds like a cross between the The Rolling Stones and the humor of Doctor Hook along with a female backing vocals and a blazing Chuck Berry influenced guitar solo. How could you not love that? Where Nashville Pussy really branched out was with  “Hooray for Cocaine, Hooray for Tennessee” which finds Cartwright and Co playing an acoustic track that is essentially a bluegrass song. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it could have been taken from a Steve Earle record.

Nashville Pussy have released their magnum opus with ‘Up the Dosage ‘they’ve slowed things down and they’ve dialed up the drums. Jeremy Thompson is no longer jockeying to be heard--like on previous records. A perfect example of all the aforementioned is “Till the Meat Falls off the Bone” it’s simple, slow, groove oriented, catchy and melodic. I was asked a couple years ago what Nashville Pussy album I’d recommend; back then I would have said ‘From Hell to Texas’. In 2014 I would say without question ‘Up the Dosage.’