JUNE 7th,2011  

Review by: Metal Mom

Sit back and take notice metal fans, this CD has a very impressive line up, including Nader Sadek, best none for his artwork and masks , also known for designing Mayhems 2009 US Tour stage. Along with Nader is Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel), Rune Eriksen (Mayhem) and Flo Mourier (Cryptopy). So all together, Nader assembled 4 talented people and created something very unique to the genre of death metal. Just the names along will make you want to give it a listen. You wont be disappointed. The chemistry between all involved made for a team that was new and very different. The majority of songs were written by Steve, and Rune has a wide range of talent he brings to the band, more dark and a lot of emotions, where Flo brings in the intelligence and speed of some very hard blast beats. The diversity of French Canadian / American / Norwegian and Egyptian are a great combination to achieve a mechanical effect to this album.

The artwork was done by none other than Nader himself, and the songs themselves influenced the artwork for the CD.

The CD has a concept as well, and its Petroleum. It is a political perspective, on how someone found a way to convert what is essentially death and converts it to energy. Each and every song has its own identity and story line. In fact the song “Mechanic Idolatry” was inspired by the oil spill in Mexico.

I can tell you that there are some very intense riffs, and really powerful vocals, which gives us the intense variety, from the thundering inner drive of the songs to a slower momentum. Between the songs are some ominous instrumentals that leads you into a false sense of lull, only to be driven into another skilful invasion.

This 9 song CD “In the Flesh” with 2 videos now under its belt is a force to be reckoned with, don’t just pick it up because of the members in it, but because its something that is different, a unique change. It is a “Wakening”.