JUNE 18th 2012
Review by: Metal Mom

There are 16 captivating tracks on this album “The Fatal Feast-Waste in Space”. If you are looking for a fun party band to listen to, this is it. They have a sense of humour , their lyrics are about alcohol, space, and everyday life, just look at the titles of the tracks:

1. Waste in Space
2. Repossession
3. New Dead Masters
4. Unholy Abductor
5. Idiot Check
6. Covered in Sick/The Barfer
7. Youre Cut Off
8. Authority Complex
9. Standards and Practices
10. Crushing Chest Wound
11. The Monster with 21 Faces
12. Jesus Freaks
13. The Fatal Feast
14. 12 Step Program
15. Death Tax
16. Residential Disaster

I mean just look at those names, its like life in a comic book. But don’t let that fool you, MUNICIPAL WASTE have mastered what they do, and they have been doing this for awhile now. But I think this might just be their best so far. And who put this all together for their 5th album, these guys, along with some contributing guests:

Tony Foresta (vocals)
Ryan Waste (guitar)
Dave Witte (drums)
Land Phil (bass)


Steve Moure (bass/synthesizers) Zombi
John Connelly (guitar/vocals) Nuclear Assault
Tim Barry (vocals) ex-Avail

Artwork: Justin Osbourn of Slasher Design

I am not even going to try and nail them into a genre category, they seem to have a variety they have incorporated into their music, and its done well. This album is straight to the point, and with full on aggression. The guitar riffs are catchy and are worthy of some serious head banging. The bass has made itself known throughout the album. The drums are what you hear hammering in your ears. And the vocals they are pure crossover hardcore. This is one complete package, everything you could possible want, so don’t leave home without it.