Feb 8th, 2011
Review/Photos By: P Ruttan
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"We are Motorhead! We play rock 'n' roll!"

Motorhead is a brand of heavy, hard-driving rock and roll. Today (February 8th) marks the release of Motörhead's 21st album The Wörld Is Yours but last night Motorhead arrive at the sold out Vancouver’s Vogue theater to give there diehard fans a night to remember.
 Motorhead's trademark sound has earned them the label 'the fastest & loudest ROCK 'N' ROLL band alive. Despite various guitar & drum personnel changes over the years, one thing remains consistant, Lemmy's 'growler' vocals and his thunderous bass guitar.

Opening act Valient Thorr from Chapel Hill, North Carolina started the night of with distorted guitars and fast drum beats. Vailent Himself the lead vocalist had his shirt off before the 4th song screaming catchy power tunes like Night Terrors, Sudden Death Is Nothing and Heatseeker. This band didn’t stop once they hit the stage. I was hoping they would be a bit louder but there presence on stage made for a enjoyable 20 minutes or so. I hope they come back to Vancouver because this is one act you should not miss.

Next on stage was Maryland metal band Clutch and if you never heard of them I would describe there musical style as heavy metal and blues to hard rock sludge. The band hit the stage and fan base in Vancouver for these guys is pretty big. The band was much more mellower than Valient thorr but that was ok. Clutch in concert is one of the tightest, most precise outfits I have seen in awhile. As it was my first time seeing these guys live and the experience for me is that they were steady, not overly fast…tight.

The light’s go down and now wedged with 12 other photographers in the pit and they open with We are Motorhead. Very cool! The band was fixed and focused and played to the crowd. Hits like Killed by Death and Ace of Spades were played and of course everyone knows that song and the motorhead diehards in the crowd and the kids were soaking it in. Mikkey Dee’s drumming was on beat and the crowd went nuts with his drum solo and Phil Campbell who’s been there since 1984 sounded great too being a pro on stage. I can see these guys going for another ten years!

Walking out, with my signed oversized motorhead novelty guitar pick and motorhead tee I did enjoy the show. I can say that with confidence. The fans bought up alot of the merch and really enjoyed seeing lemmy and the guys playing......Playing hard-driving rock n roll.