APRIL 23rd 2013
Review and Photos By: Char Tupper

It was a sunny, Tuesday evening in the peaceful little town of Abbotsford, BC. An hour’s drive for most people who probably attended this show from Vancouver. Myself, not quite, let me just say “5 minutes” covers my travel time and I am jumping with joy simply for NO HOUR COMMUTE !!!! Hahaha, plus, its Motley Crue ! Cannot go wrong there.

The show started at around 7:30, and the first band to perform was BIG WRECK. The band I personally, have never heard of before, even listening to their “hit songs”, I didn’t recognize a single one. This being said, I am after all, a heavy metal girl, not usually attending shows with someone like Big Wreck performing, it’s usually the classics like Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, aka, as everyone who attended this show would call “evil metal bands” Ha ha ha ! Any who, their performance wasn’t all that amazing to me, didn’t move around on stage much, numerous guitar changes from double-neck guitars, to elaborate coloured guitars, clean vocals, nothing much to write home about in my personal opinion. Fantastic lighting for my photography side of things, but aside from that, very boring. However, their mellow musical styling’s definitely made the next band I’m about to talk about, sound kick ass !

Now, these guys truly don’t need an introduction. Opening up with “a countdown” , stopping at the 4 second mark to torture their adoring fans as women carrying “MC” flags walked through the crowds, and up onto the stage, the classic, Glam Metal band from Los Angeles, California are ready for action. These guys are none other than, MOTLEY CRUE. Photography wise for this band, hugely disappointed. I knew I would be shooting soundboard, but didn’t expect to have to stand in the “floor walkway aisle” where the drunken fans were. Dealing with moronic “bull hunk” drunks saying “take my picture ,take my picture”. Sorry buddy, if you aren’t Motley Crue, you are NOT my concern. Im shooting for my webzine with only 3-songs to get my shots !! I hope one of these days, the Crue’s management changes these policies, or even if soundboard, have a “sectioned off” area for us since Motley Crue fans are a little aggressive.

Throughout the evening, plenty of fist fights, arguments, you name the style of fight, it happened!! Aside from all this, the band is still playing away with their girls giving it their…. “best”. This performance from Motley Crue personally, wasn’t one of their strongest. No pyro (which, the Abbotsford Entertainment centre is small, so understandable) but their energy was lacking , considering this was only the third show of the tour. Nikki , Vince, and Mick all lacked any kind of enthusiasm or charm they usually have. Tommy once again had his wheel. I stayed to watch mainly to see if they would have his wheel up and running since, before Big Wreck played, there was technical difficulties, but, the Crue and their team got things back up and running. Lights…plenty of them like they promised. Only lights complaint, with Tommy on the piano, sitting in my seat, they shined so brightly, I couldn’t even see the piano or Tommy, aside from that one light, the stage was well lit and Motley Crue rocked the night !

The night overall was an interesting night of “old groupies” versus the “groupies of today” , fist fights left, right, and centre, and a night full of classic Motley Crue songs, filled with newer material too. The show was a lot of fun for fans who have never had a chance to see Motley Crue, and now can say “I SAW MOTLEY CRUE” , But for those who grew up with these guys, been following their career since the 80’s, well sadly, that dream of living on the “Wild Side” didn’t happen. That being said, the night was amusing on so many different levels. I am intrigued to see what happens next time these Bad Boys come back…hopefully they don’t forget their energy at home !