APRIL 10th, 2014

Review By: YouFO

Robert Andersson - guitars, vocals
Edvin Aftonfalk - lead guitars
Dag Landin - bass
Adam Lindmark - drums

MORBUS CHRON, Sweden’s own has released their 2nd album “Sweven” (olde English for visions).  Release was done by Century Media Records, Feb. 24th in Europe, and March 4th in North America.

Sweven will be released in  following formats:
Standard CD jewelcase with 24-page booklet
Deluxe LP with 180 g vinyl, matte-laminated cover and 12-page booklet in LP size (EU import at CM Distro)
Digital download

Listening to Sweven, you are going to realize this band is not your ordinary death metal band, they have taken an approach to this album that is something out of the ordinary. But wait, it may be different, but it’s a great change to all the regular death metal that’s out there. I can’t really put my finger on what it is that they sound like, and that’s because it’s different , something not heard before. I can tell you it’s a bit strange, maybe even freakishly offbeat, but that’s not to say it’s not good. The vocals, by Andersson are sparsely heard, giving the band the chance to be heard and appreciated, almost an instrumental piece, but when vocals enter, they are harsh, and definitely with that good old death metal shriek. Guitar work/riffs by Aftonfalk and Andersson pack a lot of punch with some twists thrown in. Then add Landin on bass and Lindmark on drums, and I think you will be fascinated by what they have created. It might even make you  take a step back and think this is a new brutal experience.