JULY 22nd,2011

Review by: Ruthless

Morbid Saint are a band from Sheboygan Wisconsin... Except listening to them you wouldn't think so as they sound like German thrash legends Kreator (vocals are quite similar) that terrorized the thrash scene in the 80s. Unfortunately this band was a one album wonder, released in 1988 with Avanzada Metalica. Morbid Saint also released two demos, Lock Up Your Children (1988, which is pretty well much just Spectrum of Death) and Destruction System in 1992. Shortly after Destruction System the band broke up, later reuniting in early 2010 and releasing a few demo tracks. Come on boys!! Give us more! Just please don't take a turn for the worse like Sodom.

Spectrum of Death is one of those albums that if you like thrash metal and don't even know who the fuck this band is, you might as well go back to listening to Nickel Back (or some other mindless droning band) and call yourself a poser. Now, let me tell you why. Thrash, at least true thrash, should be harsh, raw, in your face aggression. Make your head bang and scream along. You get all of that and more with this album. This band is for fans of early Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, and Sadus. Because of albums like this I can not appreciate these new retro thrash bands like Warbringer as it completely outshines their sorry excuse for thrash metal. This album will make you want to burn your copy of Waking Into Nightmares.

Pat Lind delivers harsh, almost raspy, intelligible vocals which have been often compared to the likes of Mille Petrozza of Kreator. Lind uses his vocals almost like they are another instrument carrying a synchronized rhythm. Most memorable tracks on the album would be Scars and Assassins, both longer songs ranging around 7 minutes. Most of the other songs are short and sweet. Well maybe not sweet but you get my drift. They will send you through a thrashing frenzy with numerous speed changes, guitar solos and adrenaline rush like no other that drills into your head leaving you wondering what just happened and are you still in one piece. The guitar solos are demonical and fast paced. Double bass will make your walls tremble and feet pound the ground. Granted you know this album must be played as loud as possible.

I could go on and on in detail about this album but I will leave it at that. If you know what a good thrash album is supposed to sound like then go buy your copy of this one. Just good luck finding it.