JUNE 12th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Always seem to manage to tie in a concert when I have time off. Today though, on my way home from my mini vacation, once again I decided to hit up a show, and this time at Studio 7 in Seattle to see Revocation, Suffocation and Morbid Angel. Only could cover the 3 this time around, I was still on holidays after all.

Revocation was the first band of the three I got to see, and even then, due to time frame, I only caught the last couple songs of their set. From the few songs I saw, the crowd was going nuts for them, and Im sure they did for the first half of their set also. They put on a great set full of energy and crowd interaction. It is nice to see the bands interact with the audience, you see it from time to time, but I do find some bands loose that edge as they grow more and more successful. These guys however, still have that raw death metal sound, the high energy, and most of all, the appreciation for their fans and getting them involved in crazy mosh pits and horns were held high.

Now time to find my spot, stage left, and embrace myself for SUFFOCATION to take the stage in their usual fashion of completely crushing the fans. But I knew what was coming and enjoyed every minute of their set, knowing to brace for moshing and a shove or two. There were lots of horns and head banging action with some moshing to an onslaught of extremely fast guitar riffs, drum blasts, and some vocals from Kevin Muller that growled their way into your brain. There is only one original member to this band, and that is Terrance Hobbs, who whirls those dreads while doing some crushing guitar work. Derek (bass) is someone you watch throughout the show as well with all that movement with his bass, he gets some exercise on tour for sure. Suffocation is fast as you can band, and by the looks of the crowd at Studio 7, this is just what they wanted.

Up next, MORBID ANGEL, which I haven’t seen since 2013 in Seattle. But this was a must see, as there were some new people in this lineup, which now consists of Trey Azagthoth (the only original member), Steven Tucker, Scott Fuller and Dan Vadim Von. Boy when they hit the stage, there were such loud cheers, horns raised, everyone was thrilled to see this band in action. Yes, including me. I was floored at how amazing they all fit together and executed such a phenomenal set. Playing some old songs for us MA fans, and enjoying some newer ones as well. Vocalist Steve is the perfect choice to belt out these songs, he held everyone’s attention, I myself was in awe. Perfect fit. Scott on drums, to be honest, this is who I came to see, I know Scott, and I know he can do an amazing job blasting those drums. Which he did, he was flawless. Dan had some energy too on that guitar and it was felt by all in the crowd. I was surprised, I didn’t really know what to expect with all these new people. Obviously, I had nothing to worry about because this, this is the new MORBID ANGEL, and they are complete, and they are keeping the name alive and well, and leaving a mark on each town they perform in. Don’t miss them.

Remaining tour dates:
Jun 16 - Los Angeles, CA - The Regent
Jun 17 - Pomona, CA – Glasshouse
Jun 18 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
Jun 20 - Phoenix, AZ – Marquee
Jun 21 - Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine
Jun 23 - Dallas, TX - House of Blues
Jun 24 - Austin, TX - Grizzly Hall
Jun 25 - Houston, TX - House of Blues
Jun 27 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues