SEPTEMBER 20th 2013
Review by Ruben Mosqueda

I’m a huge Ministry fan---I have to point that out. I also must point out that Al Jourgensen should have let Ministry end on somewhat of a high note in 2008. The band issued a strong record in The Last Sucker. Instead Al’s cash flow dried out and he reformed the band and issued a subpar record with Relapse in 2012

The latest incarnation of Ministry is documented on the new DVD Enjoy the Quiet-Live at Wacken 2012. A tired and uninspired Al Jourgensen and band  of hired guns sludge their way through an 11 track set that includes the horrific, pedestrian “99 Percenters” among hits like; “No W,” “N.W.O.,” “Just One Fix,” and “Thieves.” This captures the late and longtime guitarist Mike Scaccia in one of his last performances with Ministry. Sadly even Scaccia is ‘mailing’ it in front of the 70,000 attendees at Wacken.

Interestingly enough Ministry’s 2006 Wacken performance is also included as a ‘bonus’ feature. The 2012 Wacken performance pales in comparison as the Ministry lineup from 2006 plays with fire and has a chemistry that the 2012 lineup does not. The 2006 lineup features guitarists Scaccia, Tommy Victor, bassist (the late) Paul Raven, drummer Joey Jordison and keyboardist John Bechdel.

The Wacken 2006 performance is pure gold as it featured the best lineup that Jourgensen had assembled in years. It also documents Paul Raven reuniting with former Prong bandmate Tommy Victor before Raven’s untimely passing. Enjoy the Quiet-Live at Wacken 2012 is a must for Ministry fans, it a great collection for the novice but I think the bonus show steals the limelight from the main feature.