JANUARY 29th 2012
Review By: Metal Mom

The best part about doing this cd review, I could say it was really bad, or it was offensive, but no matter what I have to say about MINISTRY’S new release Relapse, Al Jourgensen is not going to care about what I have to say. Why ? Because he does this because he enjoys it, he creates from the heart, from what his head says, not whether you or I happen to like it.

First I want to say that Ministry has come back after 4 long years absence and created an album of euphonic highs and paralyzing lows. I do give credit where credit is due, Mr. Jourgensen and his seasoned veterans have created what I think is a very heavy, diverse and impressive album so far. And as you can imagine, its filled with political rally and turmoil. Throughout this album are themes of governmental corruption, corporate greed, addiction and pain. Its all the elements of MINISTRY, boisterous, angry, and determined to tell it like it is. So brutal.

16 million records sold worldwide, 6 Grammy nominations, that’s pretty amazing coming from an industrial band, who has had such bands like Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot and Korn following in their footsteps. This album seems to incorporate some hammering thrash riffs and of course some face shredding solos. MINISTRY has never done an album that incorporated so many different types of music genres…thrash / crossover metal / groove metal / angular progressive rock, and yes even some classic rock. You can say its confrontational and catchy with a strong approach.

Ordered by doctors to take some time off, Jourgensen delved into tattooing and piercing . Mike Scaccia finally convinced him to get MINISTRY back into gear. Jourgensen then called Prongs front man Tommy Victor and ex-Gwar bassist Casey Orr along with Static X bassist Tony Campos, to come together for this, and so worked alternatively with 2 teams (Scaccia/Orr) and (Victor/Campos), which gave Relapse much of its character and diverseness.

One of the songs, “99 Percenters“, is Al Jourgensen’s contribution to the Occupy situation, he couldn’t attend because he had time restrictions for the new album, so this song was the next best thing. His favourite song, although hard to choose, as he likes all the songs, is Kleptocracy. This CD was done in 3 ½ months, normally takes 6-7 months to get the songs down. So you can see they pretty much hauled ass to get it done.

Git Out Get Out n Vote is a crushing, trenchant public service announcement, (previous tours at the merch stands, MINISTRY has voter registration). There are some pretty savage thrash blasts to be heard in here, some blindly fast double bass drumming embellished with middle eastern melodies, melodic solo and some chugging main riffs. And lets not forget the vocals with the growling bark. Al Jourgensen is a loose canyon, but he is also a hard working maniac. And I am taking his stance on this one, I don’t care either if you like this review, or whether you like the CD, I do, Jourgensen walked between the raindrops and created an element that is sure to have you head banging, and maybe have you think about what’s being said in the lyrics, if not, you are still going to enjoy this album to its fullest.