MAY 27th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Third night takes place at the Rickshaw Theatre of Modified Ghost Festival, and the bands consist of Municipal Waste, Razor, Nails, Primitive Man, Mantar, Anciients, and Tyrants Blood. Another excruciatingly hot night, spent a lot of time outdoors between the bands when I could get a chance for a little breather from the stuffy air inside.

Up first is Vancouver’s very own TYRANTS BLOOD, and I will say right now, these guys stole the show, yes, they sure as hell did. Speed metal, I hate, but listening I want to say they are also a mix of thrash and death. These guys know what they are doing, they have been doing it for a while now. They played a great set, one that everybody enjoyed by the looks of the crowd, even though they seemed a bit hesitant to come up on the floor. Vocalist Brian did his best to get the crowd going, and it worked, just took a few songs. Their timing was right on, everything they did just seemed to kick ass all together. They are brutal, and they will grab hold of you around the neck, and not let go. Let’s say, if you missed this band, well you missed a band that works hard, nails their music, and crushes their set.

Another local band ANCIIENTS, a band that delivers rock and heavy and delivers it with a punch. Really there are some fantastic riffs, great drum blasts, that pulled many people to the floor, let’s not forget some amazing vocals. They played a variety of killer songs, ones that the fans were headbanging furiously to. I think they are the reason the venue started to get hotter. A good thing peoples. You really need to check out Anciients, they will take you on a trip of  metal, rock and a little progressive, and do it so you won’t forget anytime soon.

MANTAR, from Germany and all Black Metal, Doom, and Punk. To tell you the truth, I don’t really know what to say about these 2 fellows. Yes, for 2 people in a band, they did nail it. The crowd was enthusiastic too for them and they did execute their set well. I just don’t personally like doom or punk, just my taste. I do know however, I respect the fact that they did a great job of performing their sound, their art. Even through all the heat, the crowd was there moshing, headbanging and supporting. That is what it’s all about.

Time has come for PRIMITIVE MAN to perform. The Death Sludge metal band out of Denver, CO formed back in 2012, and have since toured with countless bands now including the bands tonight. Their performance screamed “sludge”, with the foggy, dark atmosphere on stage. If you were standing at the back, Im sure you didn’t truly see the band, but more so heard them. This genre isn’t quite up my alley, but, if it is yours, don’t miss them on this tour, since they performed a great set pushing the death sludge sound unique to the other bands on this bill.

Next band, I had heard, sit at the back, don’t get close. I listen when I get words like that. Good thing too because the band NAILS, hit the stage and caused major chaos around the room. Holy hell, I thought the moshing was crazy before, these guys wound up the crowd like one of the old-fashioned windup toys, and then let them loose, but then you kind of know what to expect when you put together, hardcore, punk and metal.  So glad I wasn’t down there for this one. Let’s just say by the reaction of the crowd, they delivered this crazy ass music and got a great reaction. Good sign they are doing something right.

Never heard of these guys either, quite a few tonight I was not familiar with, but up next is RAZOR. These guys are raw, pure and in your face. Just what everyone wants tonight it seems. They played to the crowd, and they were all moshing, headbanging. Obviously, the crowd was there to encourage them, and they got their energy from that as well. Both fans and the band. A lot of angry people around tonight, the bands bring out the best in people. I didn’t listen honestly to their whole set, I went outside for some fresh air and quiet. Not fussy about all that anger around me.

Okay, I don’t even have to tell you about MUNICIPAL WASTE, who doesn’t know these guys. I have seen them a few times, and they bring out the worst in people. An excuse to create hell. I was at the back, but could see cans being thrown up at the band, across the room. Hey moron, those hit people trying to enjoy the show. I know, I know, I am here to review. Okay, fine, first off, their genre, well what they classify their music into is, speed (hate), metal (love), punk (hate). So, a real mixture of good, no so good music for me to listen to. Sure, once in a while, they had a great beat, then off they went into their speed. But judging by the crowd, which seem to be a lot of drunk, abusive in your face fans, it was what they wanted, or needed, to create some stupid antics on the floor. They performed to the crowds cheers. I am guessing they did a great job, looking around the room, people were on their feet, not many people outside, they were all in watching Municipal Waste, so I will say they please their fans.

I do have one complaint, so bear with me. Our photographer was slammed in the face by some drunk idiot who thought it was ok to use her face as a step stool. She was beyond out raged for the lack of respect for her being there, doing her job on behalf of the bands and record label. Give or take, whether it was our photographer, or someone else, luckily it wasn’t a smaller child who could have been more seriously hurt. Besides who gave you the right to even think you could do that to another human being, treat them like this?  I personally would not have been so nice about it.  My question after all this, why are there security guards if they don’t do anything to prevent this? Both myself and the photographer have had shows where security is top notch and watches over you and the fans in the front row constantly, whereas tonight, they were lacking that skill in my opinion. Before you say anything, the photographers are aware of the risks for example, crowd surfers and stage divers, but under most circumstances, they have been respected, but apparently tonight, that respect went out the window, which is awful, since there is respect in a mosh pit, but not for the working staff? What is wrong with people today? Luckily, in the end, she only has one big goose egg on the side of her head, and lack of respect for those who feel “we deserve this treatment in the photopit.” I can only hope this kind of behavior, doesn’t happen again, and security is a little more on top of it to prevent others from injury.