MAY 25th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

This is the first night of four shows, and it was held at the Red Room downtown Vancouver. A warm day, small venue, and SOLD OUT. So just imagine the heat inside with such bands as Dying Fetus, Psycroptic, Archspire, Wake and Seeker commanding attention. You got it, hot, sweaty, and maybe not so pleasant smelling either.

First up is a band I haven’t heard of before, SEEKER. There are three fellows from Texas that make up this band, and they are all about loud, pissed, chaotic heavy metal (their words). These guys have been out on tour with Psycroptic, Archspire and Visceral Disgorge since May 13, and they ended the tour here in Vancouver. What can you expect from Seeker, well for one, a very angry screaming vocalist, but it is what to expect. I would have liked to have heard maybe a bit more thundering drum beats from them.  

I have to explain one thing here, I am not really fond of this type of music, so had to really think about what I was listening to, not compare it to the music I do enjoy. I can do it. Sometimes too, it is best not to be familiar with the band, because it does give a whole new listening experience to it.

Next is WAKE out of Calgary with a heavy grindcore influence. They are pretty aggressive on stage, I would tell you who was in the band, but when I checked their page, they don’t list the them, and not being familiar with them, sorry. Again, another very angry band, which means a very angry mosh crowd. They played their set to a crowd that appreciated and enjoyed. As it should be.

VISCERAL DISGORGE, was supposed to be next, but they had vehicle trouble and were stranded for a while, and finally got it fixed today, but with a 17-hour drive to Vancouver, they just couldn’t make it. Hopefully next time.

Well the night just got a whole lot better, next is one of the two bands that I came for, our very own, Brutal Kick Ass Technical Death Metal band ARCHSPIRE. I have watched these guys for a long time, growing into a well-tuned assault team. It is no wonder these guys have gone places. They have their music nailed down, and execute it to perfection. Others should take note, no kidding. These fab five techies are Oliver (Vocals), Dean (Guitar), Tobi (Guitar), Jared (Bassist) and Spencer on Drums. Each one of these members excel at their instruments, and well the vocals, they just put that tech cherry on top. Strange how I am not a fan at all of technical music, but these guys always remind me, there is someone out there who has the talent, the drive, and inspiration to create something unique and pull it together with such enthusiasm and skill, that even I enjoy it, and head band, along with throwing my horns up. That says a lot, meaning they are not a band to miss if they come to your town. Something I always enjoy at a show, a parent/parents who comes to watch their sons play, as did Tobi’s Dad, and Spencers parents who was saying how proud he was of him. There were also some pretty funny comments from Oliver during the show too. Making it much more personal. What I really appreciated too from Oliver was the fact he told the crowd, hey no fighting, you want to fight, take it outside, meaning you could enjoy the show, or mosh. Oh, and by the way, if you think they are tech death all the way, well twice I caught Oliver blowing bubbles. How death metal is that. These guys all enjoy immensely what they do, and it shows. What a truly phenomenal performance by all.

PSYCROPTIC, all metal, hits the stage, grabs you by the throat, and doesn’t let go for their entire set. Jason (vocals), Cameron (bass), Joe (guitar) and Dave on drums, had the crowd going from the minute they started, crowd surfing was unbelievable, they had fans run up on stage and dive off, continually, a steady flow, and not once, did they have to stop, I was impressed watching them, they also had a pretty good beat, which everyone knows I love to hear from a band. The floor was intense, mosh pits were stupid ass crazy, and I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near them. But for the fans, this is exactly what they were waiting for. The band is from Australia and it was the first time in Vancouver, wonder what they thought of our moshers.  I have seen them, a long time ago, in 2010 in Seattle, and I can tell you, they have grown a lot since.

Sadly, Exhumed would have been next to play, the band I had come to see, it has been a long time since I have seen them. They always have such a theatrical show to give. Sadly, there were not given the okay to come into Canada last night, they were turned back. Sorry guys, a lot of people were here for you. Have a great show at the Maryland Death Fest and hope to see you back this way soon.

DYING FETUS, now everyone knows that name I am sure. This band, I had to take some steps back for, as the floor filled to its SOLD-OUT capacity. And again, the moshers went berserk, so not such a healthy place to stand. They played a variety of songs with some massive riffage, brutal drum blasts, and vocals that would crush a granite wall. It was truly an intense show for only having three members, who are John (vocals/guitar), Sean (bass) and Trey on drums out from Maryland. Sometimes it just goes to show you that three band members can kick some major ass as much as 4 or more. Sadly, I couldn’t stay as long as I wanted, someone was headbanging behind me, and hit me in the head, instant major headache. But it is okay, everyone had such a fantastic time, so many enjoying themselves. Great to see this.

Like I said, I am not a big fan of this style of music, but I can appreciate what they do, and if they do it well. Archspire, definitely stole the show. You guys always amaze me everytime I watch you play.