OCTOBER 11th 2013
Review by Ruben Mosqueda

I’ve heard Metal Church called a ‘legendary’ band—in Seattle, Washington and the Northwest perhaps they were. Don’t get me wrong Metal Church’s first two records ‘Metal Church’ and ‘The Dark’ with David Wayne on vocals are metal perfection. The fact that they followed those albums with ‘Blessing in Disguise’ and ‘The Human Factor’ with (then) new singer Mike Howe is nothing short of amazing.

Since Howe’s departure the lineup has been unstable at best. This instability accounts for the band’s less than spectacular outings. The man holding the band together is guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof who has stabilized the lineup throughout the course of the past few recordings. Vanderhoof and Co have returned with a new album titled ‘Generation Nothing.’ Unfortunately the music that was written and that was recorded is that of a band stuck in 1984; which would be fine if the music were up to snuff like the aforementioned albums. Vanderhoof’s riffs are massive but the songs don’t really take off.

It’s like watching the space shuttle launch only to implode before making out of the atmosphere.  The lyrical content is cliché, passé and downright ridiculous at times. Singer Ronny Munroe has one hell of a voice but I don’t believe that he’s all in as far as what he’s singing. I just don’t. There’s a lot of potential here but it’s just doesn’t match the glory years. I suppose it is a good reason to get on the road on another nostalgia club tour.