MARCH 31st 2012
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Another Rickshaw night, and the place is packed. In fact, it was a SOLD OUT show, and its been a very long time since that has happened at this venue, or even Vancouver alone.


First up is a local band ‘UNLEASH THE ARCHERS‘. They had the crowds attention from the get go, and I can see why, they had an amazing sound, and executed it well. It was nice to see a local band get some attention. I am always skeptical of a woman singing since most female fronted bands, are not my cup of tea, but after she started, I knew I was going to enjoy this. Taking a look around the floor, moshing, crowd surfing, horns raised, everyone else was enjoying what they heard too. I have never heard of this band before, but if they play again, I’m going.

Next up is WRETCHED (USA), and again, a band I hadn’t heard. But another excellent set played, they are a very powerful death metal/thrash band/melodic and everything put together nicely. Lots of energy tonight, and its just starting.

IMPENDING DOOM, a metal/christian band out of the USA that is all about death metal. The floor is now filling up even more, and lots of crazy mosh pits happening. Well I have to say I don’t think that anyone would have known they were a christian band, with the vocals the way they were, it was pretty hard to understand the words. The crowd loved them none the less.

3 INCHES OF BLOOD, our well known local band with their new bassist, Byron, hit the stage hard and never looked back. They are pure heavy metal, and I am pretty sure its also when the floor filled to full capacity. It was hard to even raise your horns high. Their set was a mixture of old and new, with maybe a song or two missing that the fans, no matter how many times they listen to it, still want to hear them play it on stage. But other than not playing “Deadly Sinners” the crowd was crazy for them. They never disappoint. Way to go guys, excellent set.

JOB FOR A COWBOY (USA), now this is death/metal through and through. They arrived a little late due to the roads, but boy they know what to do when they’re on stage. Even though the line up has changed over the years, they know how to please their fans, and bring in some new ones. They tore up the stage with energy, not missing a single beat. This sound was admired by the room, and energy crossed over into the crowd, causing crazy pits . The only problem, their set was way too short. I could have had another hour, and probably still would have thought it was too short.


Time for a little… DYING FETUS (USA). I have been told they are one of the most infamous and influential death metal bands. Well they caught my attention real fast. 3 guys on stage and their sound was so intense and well executed for there only being 3 members. So brutal, with some death metal/tech metal/grindcore/hardcore/punk all mixed together. I never would have expected such an amazing sound. This band was my surprise for the night, excellent stage energy plus exceptional sound.


THE FACELESS (USA), a technical death metal band. I don’t know if I was getting tired, but the sound wasn’t as good as it could have been. I did notice that there was a bit of sound buzzing through the speakers that should not have been there. And I don’t know why the science fingers instead of horns, a lot of the people around me were laughing at that. But hey, whatever makes you happy. They have made a name for themselves in their genre, and everyone was enjoying themselves. I had to crash in the chairs for awhile. So maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy so much.

FINALLY, the band that I have waited all night to see - DEVILDRIVER (USA). And no way was I sitting this one out, I got right up front, and hung on to that bar, and enjoyed myself immensely. I never miss DEVILDRIVER when they come to town, they know how to please a crowd. Their music is always a heavy metal experience, and one not to be missed. They played a lot of their classic songs like “Clouds over California” , “End of the Line”, “Meet the Wretched” and so many more. What was not to like? They had enough energy on stage that kick started the whole place. Circle pits going, horns high, people singing along, everyone in the place was enjoying themselves. Their was only one problem, and it seems to plague a band or two each show… some point, the equipment doesn’t work, and for Dez, it was the mic. The one thing that is needed by the singer, needless to say he was pissed off. However, everyone was singing along, it wasn’t noticed too much. And I would stay again for the whole other 7 bands just to watch DEVILDRIVER play. Oh, and before I forget, the fellow that filled in for Aaron "Bubble" Patrick (sorry, don’t know his name), did an excellent job of filling in, especially getting up top of those speakers and playing. Like I said, DEVILDRIVER never disappoints. Will be seeing them next time around too.