JUNE 20th 2013
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

It’s a Thursday and its rainning, what more can you expect from Vancouver….well of course a metal show, with an impressive lineup. And one that I expected to be filled to the brim of the Rickshaw. Arrived at the venue at 7:20, doors were at 7:30, and what…did we make a mistake, there was no one outside the venue, not one metalhead. Which is great for me, because when its not crowded, I get my place at the front to fully enjoy and get the feel for the metal.

First up tonight is NINJASPY, a local band out of Port Coquitlam, BC. I have seen these 3 brothers many times and always a great show with them, so much energy, crazy antics, they are extremely entertaining. The 3 brothers are Joel (lead vocals/guitar), Tim (bass/back up vocals) and Adam on drums also doing some back up vocals. Their style of music is metal, with some reggae and surf thrown in to make it their own style. Please if you havent had the chance, next time check them out, its worth it, they have the energy to get the night going.

Next is REIGN OF LIES, (Los Angeles, CA), okay, I haven’t heard of this band before, but was really happy to be there to catch their set. They had the music that kept me interested, with the right beats, and just a unique groove side of metal. Let me tell you who makes up this band, Gianni Rosati (Lead Guitar/vocals), Mash Maximus (guitar), Greg Kate (bass), and Yoyo Bianchi (drums). Now watching them on stage, you can tell they love what they are doing, and I think that brings the energy and focus on their music. Definitely a band that I will be seeing again if they come to town. They put a lot into their set, and it showed. A band worth checking out if you haven’t already. Oh and another thing, I am pretty sure that Yoyo (drums) is going to make a name for himself, man can he drum, and fast. Always enjoy watching the skills of the fast drummers, mainly because its really hard to watch those drum sticks move, they are a blur.

LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH (Los Angeles, CA) are next on stage, with Roskva (guitar), Inverted Chris (guitar), Menno (bass), Autarch (vocals), Jackson (drums). Another great performance, although when they said - kill the lights, I wasn’t too happy, hard to really see what’s happening on the stage, oh sure the music was really fantastic, but I like watching the band members, for me, its part of the whole package. But once you eyes adjust, you can see silhouette figures up there, and it actually did give it some ambiance. I have seen them before, but this show was much better than previous. So they have improved and enhanced their style.

Up next is VREID, (Norway). Hvàll (bass), Steingrim (drums),who had to sit out this tour, but Tomas Myklebust is very capable of doing the job, Sture (vocals/guitar), Strom (guitar) make up this Black band which more or less encompasses a 70’s rock/80’s classic metal and just a touch of the Black metal, making it Vreid’s own exclusive sound. I also liked the way they dressed on stage, black pants, but black shirts with Vreid on it, simple, but gave them an edge. The crowd filled the floor for these Norwegians, some moshing happened as well. But looking around the room, everyone was thoroughly enjoying the music. Old and new material were played to everyone’s enjoyment. They never disappoint when they come through. Still some dates left on this tour, don’t miss them.

And finally tonight, the headliner - MELECHESH, (Jerusalem & Netherlands).  I have seen these guys several times, and each time, I am always amazed at how much I enjoy their music. Did you know the name Melechesh consists of two words, melech (meaning king), and esh (meaning fire) of Aramaic and classic Hebraic origins, a combination which has been originated by the band. Their style, black metal incorporating extensive Middle Eastern influences mainly based on Assyrian (Mesopotamian) and occult themes (both musically and lyrically). For me, when they come to town, I go, no matter if there is a new album or not, because you know you are going to get the best performance they can give. The floor filled up more at this point, sadly still not many. There is no way that you cannot enjoy this band, they put all their energy and love into what they are doing, and giving you every bit of their souls to deliver a performance to be remembered.

So tonight, was an excellent show, I now have a new band to listen to as well, always the best part of any show is discovering a new band. (Reign of Lies), and the others, well I don’t miss them when they come to town. Its always just too good of a show to miss, and this was no exception. Sadly a lot of people missed out, I mean advance tickets were only $15, and doors were $20, pretty cheap night of some amazing music. I was quite amazed at the unusually small turn out,however, that being said, many who were there, thought this show was amazing, as did I. Hope the bands return again soon.