DECEMBER 31st 2014

Review by YouFO

Genre: Down Tempo, psychedelic
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Released via Seventh Rule Recordings on September 9th

Past 21 Beyond The Arctic Cell Track Listing:
1. Past 21
2. The Foolish Man
3. Arctic Cell
4. Here Come The Tears
Mixed by Mort Subite (V.I.I.R.L., Alfheimr, Benighted in Sodom live)

“Past 21” gives you a small taste of what lies ahead. Like some spaced out guitar riffs, mesmerizing melodies, some twisted sounds wrapping themselves around your brain. it’s the kind of album you just want to lie back on a clear night and watch the stars while listening to their songs. They have established their own sound, like the good old stoner days listening to music and letting it take you to different places. But there is a hint of folk, and maybe even some rock happening here too. A full range of variety.

Not sure if I like the Judas Priest track from their 1977 album “Sin After Sin”, it’s pretty hard to accomplish something from JP, and have people enjoy, especially if they are die hard fans.  There will be some that enjoy, I listened a few times, but can’t quit get my head around it.

They made a great effort here, and I have to say, this is my first time listening to Megaton Leviathan.  Consider the fact that I am not a doom/stoner type of music listener, but I will give what I am given a fair listen. Take into account the changes within the band, I think they accomplished what they wanted to here. I will add here, that the one thing I really thought was outstanding was the CD cover. Impressive, a great relaxing image suiting to their music.