Nov 3rd 2011


 Review by: Chris

Band Members -
Andrew James Costa - guitar/vocals/synthesizers/effects/sound and loops
Chris Beug - bass
Matt Brim - drums (studio/sometimes live)

Hometown - Portland, Oregon
Genre - Down Tempo/Psychedelic

This band was created in the year 2007, and by the name, you have no idea about what to expect. No hint of their music style. So no doubt you have to give a listen to discover the genre. I am going to say it’s a doom, with a very slow tempo, and the mood is extremely depressing. It is limited to 500 copies and these 5 songs on this CD are 35 minutes in total. With the first song almost 12 minutes.

This is not my style of music, I prefer much more upbeat. I found myself wondering off in thought, or checking outside the window as it was playing. There will be those that like and enjoy. For me, I just kept waiting for the music to pick up, I think its more suited to the 70’s style fans, more a psychedelic base. It’s really not meant for the rock and roll/metal crowds. Hate to give a bad review, so just going to say not my style.