JUNE 6th 2013

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

There’s no doubt that there are a hell of a lot of Dave Mustaine haters out there. I can’t really say I blame them the guy is one of the biggest cry babies in the metal scene. The guy single-handedly got himself canned from one of biggest bands on the planet. Okay so maybe they weren’t so big with the guy got shit canned but there were damn good. The incident that was an ultra all –time low in Megadeth history was his behavior on Metallica’s film ‘Some Kind of Monster.’ Mustaine acted like a resentful little child throwing a temper tantrum—uncomfortable doesn’t even begin to describe it. It was also caught on film.

Ironically Megadeth’s new album ‘Super Collider’ has been compared to Metallica’s ‘St. Anger’ for some reason. I don’t hear it. ‘St. Anger’ had maybe three songs that were listenable the production was horrid and was landfill material. ‘Super Collider’ isn’t on par with that album. Granted it won’t go down as one of Megadeth’s shining moments either—it’s just not as terrible as people would like you to believe that it is.

David Ellefson was clearly delusional when he stated that ‘Super Collider’ was a return to the ‘classic Megadeth’ sound—meaning thrash metal. ‘Super Collider’ is more along the lines of mix of ‘Cryptic Writings’ and ‘Th1rt3en’ neither of those records really hit the mark—again not as embarrassing as ‘Risk’ but not ‘classic Megadeth.’ One thing Mustaine takes risks ‘Super Collider’ he wrote a heavy pop song “Super Collider” that has a nice hook, he brought in David Draiman in do lay down some background vocals on “Dance in the Rain,” there’s some fiddle on ‘The Blackest Crow” and it works very well, the slide guitar rivals “Train of Consequences.” The biggest risk was tackling Thin Lizzy’s “Cold Sweat” which was one of the bigger hits at the tail end of the band’s career. It’s ‘just okay.’ One thing I can tell you from seeing Megadeth live throughout the years; Dave Mustaine’s snarly vocal isn’t what it used to be. He’s got a huge disadvantage—his style really is an acquired taste and when the voice is gone it’s really over. In the end ‘Super Collider’ is no worse than the last two Megadeth records the production is killer, the musicianship is stellar, the songs are a mixed bag and the vocals simply can’t be duplicated in the live setting. It is however ‘better’ than ‘St. Anger.’