MAY 10th 2013

Review by Anka

I had a vague idea who Medicated were but I didn't remember details about their sound. The connection must have come from other Finnish bands I was more familiar with, and where I might have heard this name before. The band hails from Helsinki, Finland - yes the country with an endless reserve of salmiakki and good metal bands. “Glasstrophobic” is their new EP release and it comes after a few other EPs released in the past, the band having been active since 2005.

Although I liked it, I think I didn't quite understand it well. Each one of the 5 songs seems to have a particular sound, some distinctive element surfacing out of the melodic death base. Don’t get me wrong, it's great to have such unexpected elements, but at the same time I feel the EP altogether loses consistency. Or maybe this is the very "consistent" thing they are going after, to infuse different essences into each song. It's got a bit of the specific sound of modern Finnish death metal, at times breaking into thrash and deathcore passages, while incorporating some classic 80's metal harmonies during choruses. When the heavy happens, it's crushing, when the melodic happens, it's groovy. 

On the intro, you have quite a deathcore experience. Then the first song spawns thrash elements on top of fast death metal riffing. The second track has all the previous elements plus an orchestral passage, which is in fact well integrated. A bigger surprise was the third song "Take It" which has a rather rock'n'roll feel, it’s more like hard-rock with an 80s vibe chorus and then a very 70s style keyboard solo, seemingly preformed by none other than Aleksi Virta (of Finntroll, and former band mate of singer Aleksi Sihvonen in the now disbanded Imperanon). Scatter-brain yet?  The last song brings a more obvious thrash tone and adds some 80s metal style vocals and guitar solos, only to be shattered by a few abrasive breakdowns.  

Apart from the good melodies flowing, the material is crunchy, aggressive, and it has interesting rhythm changes that take the songs to totally different directions. Vocals go to various registers and carry a lot of the album’s feel. It’s all well executed and ambitious, to say the least.

It's definitely a good effort, it doesn't shine majestically, but it could potentially appeal to a varied fan base. Like I said, the feeling I had about not seeing a clear direction here might be shared by others who check this out. Or maybe we just need more material from the band. Medicated could be a name you'll soon hear about and hopefully they get to record the full length and take this to the next level. And you won't get bored, the surprise elements keep rolling.