JULY 9th,2011 

Review by: Metal Mom  

Who is the creator of such a brutal, blasphemous black metal act ever, your answer would be Morgan (guitar), back in the 1990’s. Following him into battle are Mortuus (vocals), Devo (bass), and Lars (drums). This Swedish band is about to occupy your soul and declare victory. Are you prepared ?


This EP “Iron Dawn” is 15 minutes long, with 3 songs (new anthems), that was sold on their tour dubbed Seven Bowls of Wrath. This EP was released on the same day that MARDUK performed at the Maryland Death Festival.

MARDUK is also the first black metal band to do a full Asian tour, which took them to places like China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Also this year they were on the 70,000 ton Metal cruise.


“Iron Dawn” doesn’t disappoint MARDUK fans at all, its exactly what you expect, they are always a full on combat to your senses. Their first song “Warschau 2 - Headhunter Halfmoon” starts with the warning sirens and is an assault that’s relentless in sound, with some sound effects that hit and bombard at just the right moments. Second track “Wacht Am Rhein - Drumbeats of Death”, is the exact sound of shelling all around you, fast and furious. The vocals are brutal and intense, what you would expect in a war torn country. The last track (sadly) on the EP is “Prokhorov - Blood and Sunflowers” , not two words that fit together (blood, sunflowers), but don’t let it fool you, make no mistake this is MARDUK through and through, a hate filled hymn that’s slow and with a threatening atmosphere. This EP is one that’s a must for all MARDUK fans. I think this was a taste of what’s to come .


And let me warn you - MARDUK is about to descend upon your town, or one close by, a mini invasion of their own this year….don’t say I didn’t warn you. Better yet, make sure you go and show your support to this brutal black metal army.