SEPTEMBER 9th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper  

This tour is what people have been waiting for, especially if you are into the folk, metal, high energy and loads of fun. Its exactly what we got tonight.

Starting it all off tonight is a band called METSATOLL (Estonia), this truly was the perfect choice to start off the night, the music is executed with such style and the lyrics just seem to flow with the music, and it almost has you spellbound. In fact looking around the Rickshaw Theatre, it was packed, and that is unusual for an opening band. That itself tells you a lot. The fact too that they play a variety of instruments add to the appeal of the band, there are flutes, torupill, and some other instruments that I don’t know the name of, but added to their sound. Definitely a band that I will be listening more to now.  

TYR (Faroe Islands), came on next, last time they were here in Vancouver was back in 2010, and I was really set to see them play again. You just know that with this Nordic band, what sets them apart, is their accuracy to their music. What you hear is classic heavy metal, some awe-inspiring drumming, some classic melodies, and commanding vocals, their set brought even more people to the floor. Really such an impressive set. I am going to take a chance and say that TYR really does break down the genre walls, no matter which one it is that you listen to, TYR can be added to that genre and enjoyed. The only problem, their set was way too short, but then again, if they played for an hour, I am pretty sure I would say that that was too short too. I hope they don’t wait too long to come back, it was truly a set to have seen and enjoyed. I can tell you that in between the set ups that people were talking about TYR. Their music has a hold on you and you will be singing , humming a tune all the way home.

Next is a band from Helsinki, and more classified as Pagan metal, the name of that band, is MOONSORROW. The style of music here takes a different turn, more along the lines of an epic heathen metal band, not really a pagan style.  It was more of a heavier sound. Some of the crowd loved them, and here is when the mosh pit opened up, and I left to watch from afar. They did have a great sound, and executed their music well. The only downfall was that they didn’t really fit with the rest of the bands. I have been to shows where there are different genres, but it seems that when you put the folk, metal, pagan style together, that’s how it should remain. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed, but I also noticed some left for awhile. I am thinking it is all about the folk style. I think if Moonsorrow was on a different, more heavier sounding tour, they would gain more from it.

Now, here comes the band, that everyone waited the whole night, yes everyone enjoyed the build up to it. But now, you cant move on the floor, its just crammed with KORPIKLAANI (Finland) fans. I don’t think there is anyone in Vancouver who doesn’t recognize this name. Everyone was talking about them all night between sets, and all the antics they can get into. I have to say it’s a shame that the under 19 group cant be there to really see what Korpiklaani is all about. You all know their style, its metal with some happy folksy undertones. They also play with many different instruments which adds to their sound, like the violin, woodwinds, jouhikko, djembe, and the typical folk finnish accordion. Really when you listen to them play, you want more room, you’re happy, you laugh, and you really want to dance. Seeing them play, with all that energy and smiles, you cant help but enjoy yourself, and everyone around you is enjoying the show as much as you are. They played a wide range of their music, including ones sung in their own language, which adds a whole different dimension to the song, but don’t worry, they always play their beer, vodka and tequila songs which everyone cheers, and raises their glasses high. You can tell that the band has a loyal following, and they show up for all their concerts, no matter where.  There isn’t anyone that walked away from the venue tonight that didn’t feel like that was the best money they had ever spent, no matter how drunk or sober, people had the time of their life. Now that’s how I like to feel after a show. No mistaking it, a good time was had by all. And there is no doubt, next time, I will be there again.