DECEMBER 20th 2013

Review by Anka

LotusRoom is a 3 piece band formed in California in 2010. In 2011 they released a self-titled debut album featuring 12 tracks. Two years and other releases later - we get to review it! “LotusRoom” – the album - is actually a pretty great debut piece if you asked me. The band defines itself as “experimental, hard rock, blues oriented” influenced by the raw Seattle underground scene of the 90s. Their sound is not far from the description but I would add it is actually in line with this strong wave of stoner & sludge that has become very popular in the past few years.

The relatively mellow rock start to the album definitely gives the wrong impression about the whole release. What you’re about to hear later is actually heavier and meaner– at least sporadically. On a totally different note, the second song kicks in with fast, sludgy riffage and punk-ish fierceness, and then the balance is restored – at least at a rhythmic level.  The entire album flows into contrasting tempo songs that will give this entire release a fair level of dynamism.

The rather mellow songs dominate the album, after the first tracks it sort of starts to make sense and you can even hear some of those bluesy influences and it surely doesn’t sound bad at all. Through excruciating screams and strident bass tones you will get a glimpse at the other side of LotusRoom, which sounds rowdy and intense. There’s a mischievous energy at times, and that is bound to entertain.  I actually love the moments where the intensity builds up and resolves with a slightly stoner feel in the grungy distortion.  The long instrumentals with wailing guitar make quite interesting moments as well. One of my favorite tracks is “Recluse”, with layered vocals and melodic guitar work, it actually reminds me a bit of a few local Vancouver bands.

There’s nothing bad about “LotusRoom”, nothing uber brilliant either. Just a good effort from a new band that will probably enjoy some popularity at least at regional level, hopefully farther than that and really soon. Even though overall it may sound simplistic, there’s a good raw and careless feel about it that not many bands adopt nowadays.