MAY 24th 2014

Review by YouFO

Track Listing:
1. New Life
2. Welcome To The Last Time
3. Wrong On The Inside
4. This Is Her Life
5. Life is War

Like Hard Rock, Punk, and metal all combined together, then this just might be the one for you to listen to. There are only 5 songs on this EP, but they give you a taste of what Lauren Boquette (vocals), Jimmy Craig (lead guitar), Travis Dunn (rhythm guitar),Chico Tovar (bass), and Lagarto “Paco” Marley (drums) what they can dish out.

They had a mission when they set out, and that was to bring back some good old honest, powerful heavy hitting rock and roll. I think they nailed it. Some great guitar work here, amazing vocals to pull it all together, and drum blasts that put the heavy into metal.

I was impressed, and it the first time for me to check out this band, obviously have done some work to create what it is they want to put out to the people, and made it their own. Not many do that, they find a band they like and try to duplicate it, but not Lords of Ruin, its all their own. A lot of credit goes out to them for that.

Like I say there are only 5 songs to check out, but they are worth the listen.