FEBRUARY 3rd 2017

Review by Anka
Photos by Peter Ruttan: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/lordi/

Lordi‘s tour started off with a bang right here in Vancouver. Being their first time on Canadian soil and following a long break from the previous North American tour, it came as a bit of a surprise to me that they embarked on this voyage all by themselves, without support acts or co-headliners.  Fortunately we don’t have a shortage of awesome local bands that could open such a show, so it worked out perfectly – at least for us.

Local opening bands Rebel Priest, Crnkshft and Saints of Death were a pretty mixed bag but all fit well within the bill. From the catchy hard rock chords of Rebel Priest that managed to even start a two-person moshpit, to the nonapologetic Crnkshft with their rather modern approach to grunge, it all culminated with the loud roars of Saints of Hell that tore down the room with the heaviest set of the night.

Not to say that Lordi didn’t carry on the heaviness – but they also put the cherry on the cake with their well directed shock-rock performance.  The monster horde of Mr. Lordi has been around for more than 20 years.

I have no idea how locals here heard of Lordi first, but I have to admit I was surprised by the pretty decent turnout for a week night. I met people that had known them since their very first album and people that only heard about them just recently.  For me, seeing them in the Eurovision song contest in 2006 was a spectacular moment, watching these hard rock monsters blow out of the competition all the other pop songs. I voted for them without a flinch, and celebrated their victory like a personal one. As if this was some kind of proof that rock is never dead, or that rock always wins.  First time seeing Lordi in Vancouver pretty much gave me the same feeling. Even better to see their performance up close: the set up was simple but the costumes were impressive. Couple that with badass monster attitude, Finnish humor and blasphemous intermissions, and you’ve got the right entertainment for the night. The only time I realized how uncomfortable the costumes must have been was when the band members took turns for short breaks. Otherwise, all my respect goes to them for handling almost an hour and a half of performing with the heavy paraphernalia on. I guess being used to Finnish saunas showed its real life advantage here.

Playlist songs were all well chosen, the show didn’t have any low energy moment. Although at this time Lordi were touring in support of their newest release “Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy)”, they also played a couple songs from some of the first albums along with well known hits like “Would you Love a Monsterman”, “Devil  is a Loser “ and “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. There were plenty of sing-along moments with the anthem choruses and fist-pumping tracks, plus an endless supply of energy as a result of the highly engaging stage presence and the bombastic sound. I think the main difference between this and a regular rock show was the smile on people’s faces - and their random dance moves. Lordi don’t just come and deliver a performance, they actually entertain.